Wedding: 5 things to do on the night before

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A wedding is a big event and one that usually was a one-in-life time event though the later part is a big doubt these days. Regardless, it is still a special day in the lives of virtually all who go through it and we want to mention the five things you should do on the night before your big day. This list is not conclusive and may be applied with personal discretion.

So here we go…

Get a good night sleep. This might seem impossible to do especially for first timers who would be anxious about what to face in the next few hours. Pre-wedding planning might still need a few touches and you would be busy trying to finish up smart and early. However, finishing smart is finishing that allows you to catch some good enough sleep. A good sleep helps you relax, refresh and be re-energized for the all-important moments the next day. It will also be during that sleep break that you can break down the anxiety that has been building up prior to that night.

Put your phone on silent mode. This is a tricky one to do and could have some damages but think about it, you wouldn’t want to be jumping at every alert on your phone. People will text and call you either to wish you well or to say other things prior to your big day. So it won’t a bad idea to stay off the loop and allow some messages and calls to go unnoticed. You might be wondering what if you miss the important calls or messages. Who is important that they don’t know the night before you big day you need yourself for yourself and won’t be pleased with random distractions? If something is so important, there is always someone who can get to you no matter what and the ‘important’ messages and calls can pass through such person.

Pack all the things you will need in one place. Imagine you are up in the morning and ready to leave but now wonders where you kept your bag or purse. Don’t get caught up. Act fast and pack all things you will need in one place. If possible put them in the car you will be using and make sure the car is packed and ready for you and no one is using it again until you have finished with it. It is safer to have them all set and not use later than to presume you won’t use but ended up needing them later.

Keep a list of vendor details. Yes, vendor details. You have contacted the services of many vendors for different services from catering to decoration and reception and you would want to be on top of the occasion to restore calm, fix rising issues and pre-empt failures. This can be done effectively if you have a list of the vendors, their contact details and lead person on hand. A copy should be given to the event contact person who would virtually be your mouthpiece during most of the event’s time. This will ensure you and the person responsible for monitoring every other thing know who to expect at what time and how to contact them when things aren’t right in place. Prevention they say is better than cure. But even if you opt for cure you should know your physician.

Practice with your dress. This might look just as funny as it sounds but trust me, it is a really necessary thing to do. You bought those heels or shoes and your gown or suit is ready for you but you are wondering how you would walk in them. Just like any other human, you would assume a perfect walk or look but your designer can flaw sometimes. So trust yourself the more by trying them on and take a few steps around by your bedside or in front of the mirror. This will ensure you are certain about every adjustment you would need to make while in those dresses or shoes.

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