Licensure exams: all 64 physics teachers failed

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The National Teaching Council, NTC, has released the results of the 2023 Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination 2 and 3. Terrible may be used to describe the performance of candidates but some categories did even more. While over 9,000 students from the total number of 20181 failed representing 47.4% fail, some subject areas scored zero passes.

According to the NTC, 892 failed all three papers, 2641 failed one, and 6023 failed two. Also, teachers trained to teach on Primary and Junior High Schools recorded more passes (98.1%) than those trained on Senior High Schools (83.8%).

On their performance respective to the candidates’ elective subjects, the Ghanaian language teachers recorded near-perfect passes while some in science and engineering failed bluntly.

For instance, Dagaare (12), Dangme (46), Fante (45), Ga (15), Gonja (13), Gurune (13) and Kasem (5) all passed. Dagbani (95.7%), Ewe (99.1%), Nzema (90.9%), Akuapem Twi (98.7%) and Asante Twi (94.3) were the Ghanaian languages that didn’t get 100% passes but performed extremely well.

However, when it comes to other subjects, while Basketry, Technical Drawing (1), Metal Work (2), Sculpture (6), Leather Work (11) and Graphic Design (28) all passed, some similar subjects recorded complete fails. Applied Electricity (15), Electronics (1) and Physics (64) all recorded 100% fail.

Meanwhile, out of a total of 6756 candidates who took re-sit, 2537 of them representing 37.6% failed all the subjects. Also, 3272, representing 48.4% passed in one subject while 817 (12.1%) passed in two and 130 (1.9%) passed in all three.

The Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination is the standard certification test for persons desiring to be employed as teachers in Ghana. All persons who have graduated from Teacher Training Colleges or Universities and want to go into teaching must pass the exams. Teachers are tested in three subjects; Professional skills, Literacy and Numeracy.

The National Teaching Council will today, Thursday, December 21, release the examination results for candidates who sat for GTLE 2 and 3.

Check the full report by the NTC.

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