About Us

AFK Media is a Ghanaian media company with a vision of bringing change to entertainment news reporting. Our focused, yet relaxing content drives positive thoughts in the minds of our readers, inspiring generations that live beyond ethics to satisfy the real need for media work.

Made up of a team of young and vibrant personalities, AFK Media led by its Founder and CEO is set to cause the biggest wind of change in the entertainment industry in Ghana and Africa. The dream is to touch lives globally so the African market is our home but it is not our destination.

We promote creativity, inclusivity and industry and our support are always available to all who desire it. We position ourselves as a team different from the normal everyday entertainment reporting standards; creating a new standard for ourselves that benchmarks against the top movers in the industry.

Our zeal and passion to satisfy the entertainment information need of the masses is our biggest drive. We are on course to set lofty standards that others will only do but dream of and admire.