Kiernan AKA Forbes shot dead in a drive-in shooting

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South African rapper Kiernan AKA Forbes has been confirmed dead after he was shot in a drive-in shooting at Florida Road, Durban. The musician was according to eyewitnesses standing in front of the Wish Restaurant when the incident occurred.

According to police, the incident happened Friday night at 10pm. A police spokesperson Colonel Robert Netshiunda said they were investigating two murder cases.

AKA was shot dead alongside another person who is believed to be his close associate while another believed to be his bodyguard was wounded. The shooting happened from two unknown cars that opened fire on the rapper while he stood in front of the restaurant.

The rapper was billed to perform at the YUGO night club prior to his sudden demise.

Social media has reacted to the rapper’s death with others referencing similar incidents that caused the death of reggae icon Lucky Dube.

One tweeted, “In 2007, South African gun violence claimed the life of the greatest reggae artist to ever come out of the rainbow nation, Lucky Dube. 15 years later they’ve taken that of their greatest ever rapper, AKA. Proving yet again that on gun violence, S.A is an outlier, just like USA”.

Another added, “Rapper AKA song, the baddest and the song with Burna is my[sic]. As a young kid I thought he was an American. Man can drip. RIP AKA. They did same to Lucky Dube.

It seems there are numerous snippers in South African as per this tweet. “It seems south Africa have excellent sharpshooters,A’m looking for one (amalize Mr six months),it happened to their best reggae artist lucky dube,now it’s their best rapper , RAPPER AKA, RIP RAPPER AKA.”

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