Operation Vanguard NDC police incited voters against the gov’t

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As more shocking details emerge from the Prof Frimpong Boateng report, it has been revealed that the opposition NDC is a leading cause for illegal mining in the country. A section of the 35-page report recounted the role of Operation Vanguard in the fight against the canker.

However, according to the former minister, when small-scale miners who were NPP members complained that the security team is hampering their business, the government withdrew the military. The police group of the team was left behind to take charge and that is when things got worst.

The part of the report titled, “Activities of Operation Vanguard” detailed the activities of police officers who are sympathizers of the NDC. The report said they were said to be inciting miners against the government in a bid to make the government unpopular and stifle the fight.

“Operation Vanguard that consisted of men from the army and police service was charged with controlling illegal activities at the mining centres.

“When the soldiers were withdrawn from Operation Vanguard on 16th March 2019 due to complaints by small scale miners, mainly from the NPP stock, the police detachment took over the entire Operation Vanguard. That is when things deteriorated. There were consistent reports that the police developed the habit of going round the mining sites extorting monies from miners.

“As can be imagined there were policemen who were NDC sympathizers and such individuals taunted the miners, telling them ‘We were sent by the government you voted for’. Such things did not go done well with NPP sympathisers and voters.”

Part of the report accused police officers affiliated to NDC for undermining the efforts of Operation Vanguard
Part of the report accused police officers affiliated with NDC for undermining the efforts of Operation Vanguard

According to the report, such comments were very destructive to the fight as they made the people lose trust in the government and the Operation Vanguard team.

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