Whitemoney apologizes to women in an emotional video

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Nigerian singer, songwriter and reality TV star Hazel Oyeze Onou, known as Whitemoney has in an emotional video posted on social media apologized to women.

Also, the Big Brother Naija Season 6 winner apologized to Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David, known as Doyin and Victoria Inyama, the two women he exchanged words with recently.

First, the commotion started when Whitemoney stated that all a man needs is money and he will have any woman he wants. “I don’t know who needs to hear this, no woman is out of your league bro. Just make money and create your own games, they gon’ play,” he stated.

That comment irked some women including actress Victoria Inyama who responded to the video. “Including his mother and sisters…when a child is raised by a ‘type’ of mother, it is only typical he projects his disgust of his mother by generalising all women to be like his mum. but we are not like her,” Inyama replied.

Speaking on The Honest Bunch Podcast, the singer said his female colleagues at BBNaija were not smart in taking the opportunities presented. He said they were interested in showing their bodies in order to attract people outside. He went on the hint at link-ups he did for Doyin.

But Doyin responded saying, “In your words ‘Doyin you know what I did For you’ guys. This bleached man met me at intercontinental. I said hi to him and he Said… Oh! His manager liked me a lot in the house and she would like to manage me. I told him to let me think about it and I’ll Call him in a few days. I did call him back a few days to ask for her number.

Adding, “Is that what you did for me? You asked me if I’m mad….I’m not the one screaming at a microphone like a lunatic talking down on a woman just because she gave you the training you refused to get at home.

“You just proved your insanity to the entire internet. I’m not the mad one here boo. Ps: calling me “Little” or ‘small’ doesn’t make you big. You’re on the ground! You are nothing in the grand scheme of things. Your microbladed brows look good though. I’ll consider getting one,” she concluded.

Doyin responds to Whitemoney

Following the heavy backlashes from the women and social media users, Whitemoney has felt remorseful and decided to apologize.

In a video shared on his Instagram account, he said “I was raised by women. I love women…my team is filled with women. And I don’t have anything against women. Women have been a major part of my career and I appreciate every single woman in my life that I’ve come across and yet to come across. So I’m sorry to all the women who feel insulted. I didn’t mean to insult anybody intentionally, I’m not above mistakes, I’m not perfect, thank you very much, let love lead”.

Watch the video below.


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