Avoid your husbands’ phones to save marriages – A Plus to women

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Musician Kwame Asare Obeng, known also as A Plus has advised married women never to do one thing if they want to keep their marriages. The musician said husbands, however, are allowed to go through their wives’ phones to protect their marriages.

“When a man goes through his wife’s phone, he wants to protect the marriage, but when a woman goes through her husband’s phone, she wants to collapse the marriage because she will find out very uncomfortable things on it,” he told the United Showbiz.

A Plus said marriages in the current age are not the happy ones people had before this age. According to him, the idea of one man for one woman is not a culture for Africans but something that is influenced on Africans by Western culture. He said it is strange that the same people who said marrying more than one more is evil are pushing same-sex marriage on Africans.

The “A Letter to the West” singer said he has not taken in another wife because he is not financially capable of catering for two women. He said though women often argue if men can marry more then they too can practice polyandry but in reality, women cannot withstand the pressure of managing two husbands.

“I have not married a second wife because at the moment, I don’t have money to be in a polygamous marriage but I fully support that. Sometimes, I hear the women argue that they can also be with more husbands if the opposite sex is doing it and I want to ask, ‘Can you survive with two husbands or more’?”

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