Yvonne Nelson responds to Sarkodie’s ‘Try Me’ with evidence

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Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has responded to the rapper Sarkodie’s “Try Me” song which is also a response to the actress’ claims in her book “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson”. Sarkodie set Ghanaian social media space ablaze late on Tuesday with the release of ‘Try Me’ which sort to address the concerns raised in the actress’ book.

In the book, Yvonne Nelson revealed that she got pregnant for the rapper whose career was yet to get its right footing in 2010. According to her, she informed the rapper after confirming the pregnancy and the rapper was not ready to entertain the pregnancy as he requested they terminate it. She agreed with the decision and aborted the pregnancy but felt worse when the musician did not try to check up on her after she went for the procedure at the hospital.

However, Sarkodie in the song Try Me seem to claim Yvonne was not the woman he would keep because she was a girl for the hood. He added that the actress even wanted to abort the pregnancy because she wanted to complete school.

But that comment ignited a response from Yvonne who asked Sarkodie to learn and also stick to the truth as it is only the truth that will set him free. In a couple of post on Facebook, Yvonne rebutted the musician’s claims that school was the reason for her abortion.

She said, “Michael, you claim I was desperate to abort because I needed to complete school. In 2010 when I became pregnant, I had completed the university. Anybody can verify this. I wasn’t in school and you know it. If you want to lie, find a logical lie,” she advised before adding, “And would you have readily agreed for me to keep a pregnancy when you were in a serious relationship with another lady who would become your wife?”

A page from I Am Not Yvonne Nelson

In another post where she added a screenshot and a picture of a page from her book, she stated the timelines for the pregnancy and her graduation as proof that the abortion was not necessitated by her need to complete school but by their collective decision to terminate it. She referenced a story published by Modern Ghana in October 2010 while attaching a picture of the page in her book that contained a line talking about the pregnancy and school as well as her ban from acting.

“As stated in my book, I got pregnant at the time I launched my glaucoma foundation. It was around October 2010. I graduated from Central University in October 2010. It was my final year, I had completed my course work months before my graduation and the pregnancy. School couldn’t have been a reason for me to abort when I was only waiting for my graduation and a degree.

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