Sarkodie replies Yvonne Nelson, but he adds something

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Ghanaian rapper Michael Owusu Addo known as Sarkodie has finally responded to actress Yvonne Nelson’s claims in her recently launched book “I am not Yvonne Nelson“. The book which according to the celebrated screen goddess was to serve as a source of lessons for young girls who are trying to make a career in the movie industry and other areas of their lives contained some explosives.

One of the notable pieces in the book is the revelation by the actress that she got pregnant for Sarkodie and the musician was not prepared to be a father at the time. She said her attempt to abort the pregnancy cost her so much and she feared for her life. However, though she did not fault the then-young rapper for saying no to the pregnancy, she said the rapper didn’t show concern while she was at the hospital.

“I felt worse because Sarkodie left me to my fate in the most difficult period. He did not call to check up on me or find out how the procedure had gone,” she said in the book. So it is obvious the actress did not fault the rapper for anything but for neglecting her when she needed him most after going through the procedure.

However, the Ghanaian former BET award-winning rapper seems to understand it differently or perhaps didn’t read the entire episode before making a response in his try “Try Me”. In the song, the rapper said the actress should say it all if she wanted to talk because nobody sent her. “Nobody sent you, Ohemaa so if you wanna talk, you got to tell the world every other nigga you f*cked” You can’t just play the victim and paint a picture like you were looking for love from all the dicks that you sucked. I am not gonna sit here and lie. We had a thing. First, I thought you were cool till I had a hint”. Then he added in Twi “Na me Fiis3 boys a clocki with the baddest bitch. Nanso s3na yenyinaa y3 sesa so s3 Cuban Links” which literally means Yvonne Nelson was a girl for the hood and many of the boys around hard their share.

If that is actually what Sarkodie meant then that might be another thing but was it really the best response from the rapper? First, Yvonne Nelson did not fault the rapper for the pregnancy or the abortion. She only said she felt worse when Sarkodie did not check on her after she went for the procedure. Obviously, it was normal for her to feel so because the two of them had got her into that situation but it was her life that was now threatened and all the rapper needed to do was to be there for her to go through it.

Yvonne Nelson said in her book I Am Not Yvonne Nelson that she got pregnant for Sarkodie in 2010

Inasmuch as the story now seems twisted with the release of “Try Me”, one thing remains clear, Sarkodie claimed Yvonne wanted the pregnancy gone because of school. Yes, the actress did admit she was in school at the time but she was also in her final year which means in less than a year she was going to complete. So school obviously was no reason to terminate the pregnancy but the lack of responsibility from both of them at the time was. As none can be faulted for it, Sarkodie’s response is probably out of order as what Yvonne stated did not warrant the kind of words in the song.

However, as he acknowledged in the song the book won’t perform because it is a good book but because it contains negative news which sells, the same way the song won’t trend because of the quality of its content but the negativity of it.

If you are yet to read the book, you can get a copy of I Am Not Yvonne Nelson at Amazon. You can also listen to Sarkodie’s response by clicking on Try Me.

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