I Told Them: new details from Burna Boy’s 7th album

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Burna Boy is just under two days to the release of his new and seventh studio album, I Told Them. In our earlier post about the article, we gave you details of what we knew so far about the album as of then. Now new details have emerged after the Grammy winner released the cover art for the album.

Take a short walk with us as we explore all the details that are available ahead of the August 25 release of the album.

What is the latest from I Told Them?

Previously a mystery, we have now uncovered how many songs are on the album. Love, Damini contained 19 songs and most of them have made headlines with two of them; “For My Hand” and “Last Last” recently receiving gold and platinum certifications respectively. If you were expecting the African Giant to level up with the same number of tracks on his new album, then you just missed it.

The Nigerian superstar has 15 tracks on his new album, just like he did with “Twice As Tall”. However, the 15 tracks are all looking pretty and promising as the titles portray. We can’t say how much we will get from the album but it is a big promise. There is also one bonus track included for your listening pleasure.

Which artists are featured on I Told Them?

Burna Boy never stops to make big things happen and he is not stopping just now. Exciting as the prospect of a new album could be for any fan of the Afrobeat beats champion, there is even more in store for lovers of his music. Burna Boy has assembled a strong contingent of international artists for I Told Them.

Appearing first on I Told Them is London-born Atlanta-based rapper 21 Savage. The “Bank Account” rapper is featured on track number 4 which is titled, “Sittin’ On Top Of The World”. Also appearing on the album, featured on track number 6 is Britsih-Nigerian rapper David Orobosa Omoregie, known professionally as Santan Dave or simply as Dave. He is featured on the track titled, “Cheat On Me”.

Also, young Nigerian singer Balogun Afolabi Oluwaloseyi, known as Seyi Vibez is on the album with a feature on track number 11, titled, GIZA. Then one of the youths’ favourites, J. Cole joins the train with an appearance on track number 14, “Thanks”. The 38-year-old American rapper is one of the biggest names in rap music and a favourite of many, so it is no wonder Burna decided to feature him on the track titled, “Thanks”.

But that is not all as Jamaican-born Saints Nitts and Kitts-based dancehall artist Byron Messia also makes an epic appearance. The “Talibans” hitmaker appears on the last official track of the album, “Talibans II”. With all these big names on, I Told Them is expected to be a massive thing in the music arena for some time once released.

What are the songs on the album?

With 15 tracks and five heavyweight features, I Told Them is an expected masterpiece. That can be testified by the songs which have been released as part of the album. Big 7, one of the tracks on the album that was released early in August has made huge grounds foretelling the expected success of the the much-anticipated album. The music video for “Big 7” clocked over 9 million views, three weeks after it was released.

track list of the I TOLD THEM album by Burna Boy

Sittin’ On Top Of The World which features 21 Savage has also enjoyed massive success since its release in June 2023. It was performed by Burna Boy at his New York City concert. The song has been a massive success also with millions of views on YouTube since the release of the video a month ago.

And with barely two days to the big day, Cheat On Me featuring Dave has also been released. It is promising for Burna Boy and the anticipation from I Told Them is even bigger than before following the success of his most recent albums. As for Burna personally, 2022 was a huge success, but will “I Told Them” cement his place in African and world music forever?

track list of the I TOLD THEM album by Burna Boy

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