Why Faila must do at least 150 hours of cooking

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Ghanaian chef Abdul-Razak Faila is the 4th day of her stated 5-day cook-a-thon but recent updates show she must add at least one day to the initial 5 days. The reason is to be able to get into the record books. Yes, that is true because, at 120 hours, she may just be able to beat Alan Fisher but not take the record.

When Faila started her cook-a-thon on Monday, January 1, Ghanaians knew she was set to end on Friday. That would have given her 120 hours of cooking, enough to take over the record from its current holder. However, the latest development from East Africa shows that Faila cannot and should not end at 120 hours. This is because 120 hours would very much be less than the hours of the most recent attempt.

Dorcus Mirembe did 144 hours of cooking to surpass Alan Fisher's record by 24 hours. If verified, she would be the current record holder that Faila must meet.
Dorcus Mirembe did 144 hours of cooking to surpass Alan Fisher’s record by 24 hours.

A Ugandan woman known popularly as Mama D has already submitted her official attempt results to the Guinness World Records team for verification. According to the reports, Mama D started her cooking journey on December 23 and ended on December 31. Meanwhile, Faila started her cooking just the next day. Mama D clocked 144 hours of cooking meaning she did six days.

Though her record has not been verified by GWR yet if she finally gets through, it would be Faila ending at 120 hours. That simply means she would have done more hours than Faila and thus become the new record holder.

Mama D has done more hours than the initial target by Falia
Dorcus Mirembe alias Mama D

Mama D, known privately as Dorcus Mirembe said she took the challenge because she wanted to show the food varieties of Uganda to the world. She said she did it to show the “diverse cuisines of Uganda”.

Miss Mirembe posted photos from the event on social media and was supported by government officials and the public.

“Uganda is bestowed with an abundance of traditional foods. I want to showcase them to the world. To be the ambassador for the wonderful diverse cuisines of Uganda, the pearl of Africa,” she said of her motivation for the attempt.

Meanwhile, just like has been the case in other African countries where such attempts have been made, Ugandans were there in their numbers to cheer her on. Mama D who is a food vendor posed for pictures with the public and later shared them on X.

Dorcus Mirember alia Mama D celebrates with her supporters during her GWR cook-a-thon attempt.

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