Ignored at home, celebrated abroad – Is Dr Pushkin Ghana’s new global face?

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Music is an art, it is life, it is what goes beyond language. It communicates with all and for all with regards to human physical, geographical, political, religious or social limitations. But even the most celebrated man to ever walk this earth, Jesus Christ of Nazareth understood that you cannot be celebrated with the same energy by everyone regardless of your efforts or the love they have for you. Dr Pushkin is a story and a journey.

Dr Pushkin, born Paul Azunre from Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region and linked to both Russia and the United States has a similar story. No one may have openly asked him for miracles as the people at the time of the Lord did, but neglect is one question that speaks more than words.

In 2022, he took to his Facebook wall to berate the lack of attention for his music and other endeavours in Ghana. According to him, media houses ignored him and a few others charged him in dollars just to speak about the things he is doing.

Not long after, he was given a number of media interviews as he came down to Ghana to shoot the video for his single that features another Ghanaian singer TeriWiizi. However, with traditional media not still giving him the same space as his contemporaries based in Ghana here, he continued to just do his best.

His first music video which was the visuals for Lies, a track off the Outlandish album trended in Ghana and had a raving review by YouTuber Kwado Sheldon.

Emerging Force – Dr Pushkin

The scientist cum musician has since done more with features from Budukusu, Kinelman and the highlife legend and music lover man, Ofori Amponsah known as Mr All 4 Real who partnered the Texas-based rapper to make “You Make Me Wonder”, track number 7 of the Outlandish album.

Just as he readied for the release of his maiden album which is a 17-track semi-autobiography concept project, the biggest news so far has come in. He will join 100s of musicians worldwide to perform at the 2023 edition of the famed SXSW Music Festival in Austin Texas.

This may not be a big achievement to many especially those who have not experienced his work and life, but for a man who has so much laboured to get attention to his work despite a great deal of effort and commitment put in, this a by far a mile never before thought was reachable in this short space of time.

With Budukusu, Aggie, AZA and DJ SelectaRah in his team that will take centre stage on March 16 in Austin, there will be no lack of support for the multi-talent musician and it will be nothing less of glory for self and the motherland.

As he prepares for the six days music event in March, there is not much but success. The journey still looks like a dawn hour but with the release of Outlandish and an appearance at SXSW, the early morning sun may just be wiping away the shades of darkness that still lurk about in the dawn hour. The time for explosion is right here and right now. But when others would be celebrating him as newbie, those of us who follow him would know it is just a mile away from legendary not celebratory.

Maybe, the prophet will finally be celebrated in his homeland…

Background of SXSW Music Festival – Dr Pushkin will be here

The South by Southwest, SXSW music festival is an annual music festival hosted in Austin Texas with its foundation dating back to 1987. It was founded by Roland Swenson, Louis Jay Meyers, Louis Black and Nick Barbaro.

Since its foundation in 1987 with its maiden conference registering 700 attendees, the event has grown to be the biggest of its kind and had as high as 161,000 attendees in 2018 with its other conferences, SXSW Film and SXSW Interactive bringing equally impressive numbers crossing 30,000 attendees.

The 35-year-old event has featured musicians such as the legendary Garth Brooks, Lil Yatchty, Migos, The Chainsmokers, Ashanti and Dolly Parton in the past. Businessmen, politicians and other high profile individuals such as Elon Musk, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christine Amanpour, Guy Kawasaki and Trevor Noah have also appeared at the event previously.

SXSW Music festival is run annually in mid March alongside SXSW Film and SXSW Interactive. Apart from 2020 and 2021 where the event was held virtually due to the pandemic, it has garnered high numbers since its inception in 1987 when it exceeded its targeted audience of 150 attendees to reach 700 attendees.

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