No Go Go: The Love Letter by Dr Pushkin, Ataman Nikita and Kojo Cue

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When you go through all the catalog of Dr Pushkin you may quickly spot one thing; his consistent hardcore act against social ills that have been normalized and glorified. But outside of his consistent message, there is one other unique trait; constant improvement. Yeah, there is always an upgrade to each new record he puts out there, one step or more better than the previous. No Go Go is no different.

Packed with words that exemplify the deep-seated social ills that now have taken seats of glory, contrary to what the masses desire and need. No Go Go is a beast of an act and he chose the perfect ensemble to join him on this as well. Ataman Nikita completely shot beyond anything I have heard from him…smooth and unique to his voice.

Dr Pushkin just dropped yet another heavy note to the industry on a day the world expected love in soft form…he is here to stay. No Go Go Nowhere!! Picking up his lines, laced with deep-worded messages, he relentlessly made it look like he had been performing this song all his life.

And what about Kojo Cue? The “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” lyricist slotted in seamlessly with yet another action-packed verse that cut deep into Ghana’s biggest social vampires. Flow…connection; it is superstar delivery. It is not new that the BBnZ Live artist has always remained one of the top names in hip-hop in the country and he showed why his name will always be mentioned among the best.

Production for this song is beyond spot on. The use of the two-string guitar famous in the Upper East Region gave the entire piece a unique ground-up connection to the spirit and soul of the ordinary Ghanaian. It is like Azkonnabeatz, Peezewel and every other person who worked on this song put in everything as if this was their last piece of production. This is a massive teamwork…a mark of what greatness this link-up holds for the future.

When Dr Pushkin announced that he was dropping a duology this year, I was trying to picture what stuff we would get based on his last album Outlandish. But after ‘No Heroes” and now No Go Go, I am completely lost on my prediction. One or two things I may still be right about are: one, the messages will be consistent soul-reaching calls for the rebirth of humanity that has been drowned by greed, selfishness and Machiavellianism. The other; is that every new record will be something beyond what we have seen so far.

Enjoy your month of love by streaming No Go Go here. You may also check the link No Heroes if you have not listened to the unorthodox piece Dr Pushkin teamed up with Lyrical Joe for.

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