Just Watch Dr Pushkin, CJ Biggerman and Taitan this week

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Ghanaian rapper Dr Pushkin has stayed up to his 2024 standards by dropping yet another song, the third in the year. After first linking up with Lyrical Joe for ‘No Heroes’, the enigmatic rapper returned in January with the anti-Valentine tune ‘No Go Go’ featuring Ataman Nikita and Ko-Jo Cue. Just Watch is the latest of his monthly releases as he gears up for the much-anticipated duology albums: No Heroes and No Miracles.

As many thought he was going on a break after doing those back-to-back heavy lifting, he out of nowhere announced the commissioning of yet another epic project. This time around, the 2023 SXSW alumni chose to go with another chronic lyricist CJ Biggerman and the evergreen Taitan.

Titled, ‘Just Watch’, the new track is scheduled for release on March 28, a day Christians all over the world will observe as “Holy Thursday”. The significance of the date and the song title cannot be related by us right now but it gives a hint of what might just be about to hit the airwaves in about 72 hours.

Known for his hard-hitting lyrics, the rapper who is a preacher of social good and consciousness has never failed to use his music to speak about the ills that plague the world. In his last two songs, he spoke about the perceived heroic status of certain people whose ills the world has consciously kept in the dark from the masses to portray them as heroes. He also spoke about the Ghanaian system that pushes hardships on the people through government institutions and agents.

Pre-save Just Watch and mark the date on your calendar for your listening pleasure. Just be warned that this may not be your usual dance anthems so caution must be taken against unexpected shocks. To prepare for a possible tsunami, we suggest you listen to Dr Pushkin’s most recent gospel, No Go Go featuring Ko-Jo Cue and Ataman Nikita.

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