Family of missing 18-year-old student demands justice

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The family of a student of Kinbu Senior High Technical School who drowned six months ago is demanding justice. According to the family, investigations into the incident are yet to begin despite it being six months since the matter was reported at the Ministry Police Station.

Speaking to JoyFM, Ewurama Marfo, an aunty to the missing boy said no arrests have been made, and no one has been invited for questioning. She also said the school said they would only be involved after the boy’s body was found.

 “When we inquired about what help the school can offer the family in search of Kingsley, they frankly told us that they cannot do anything about it. Rather, they will engage the family after his remains have been found.

Madam Ewurama Marfo says she wants the five boys who went with Kingsley to the beach to be invited for questioning.

“I want the police to help me arrest those five boys. I believe that when [a] thorough investigation is conducted into the case the truth regarding my son’s disappearance will be unravelled. My son cannot just disappear,” Ewurama Marfo stated.

Mrs Sylvia Letcher-Teye, the headmistress of Kinbu SHTS said she has reported the matter to her superiors, according to a Joy News report. She added that she cannot speak to the media about anything. Adding that any information the media needs can be gotten from the Police.

“When the thing happened they reported to the police and I don’t deal with media, I have reported to my bosses so I don’t deal with the media, so if you want any information go to the police station.”


In August 2023, Kingsleym an 18-year-old student of Kinbu SHTS together with five other students left campus and went to the beach. They went to Borla Beach behind Independence Square while school was still in session. According to an eyewitness, he and his two brothers who were also at the beach at the time saw two boys on the verge of drowning. He said they managed to rescue one of the boys while the other unfortunately drowned.

Ewurama Marfo, aunty of Kingsley Marfo, the missing boy reported the matter to police. She made the official complaint at the Ministry Police Station on September 9, 2023. But according to her, no efforts have been made by the responsible authorities to get the family a closure.

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