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Following the ultimatum given to the governor of the Bank of Ghana and his Deputies by the NDC to resign in 21 days, the Director of Communications of the NPP, Richard Ahiagbah, has called the bluff of the threat, He said the NDC does not run the central bank and cannot dictate to it on who to resign and when to do so.

The NDC threatened to march to the office of the central bank and drag out Dr Ernest Addison and his deputies if they fail to step down from their roles in 21 days. This follows the revelation that the Bank of Ghana incurred losses of over GHS60 billion in 2022.

However, Richard Ahiagbah said the NDC does not have the locus to issue such threats against the officials of the bank. In an interview on Citinews, the NPP Communications Director accused the opposition party of lacking ideas to help stabilize the economy and does not have a campaign message as well. He said that is the reason the party has resorted to distractions as a mechanism to cover their ineptness.

“Is the NDC trying to run the Bank of Ghana now? Is that the point they want to communicate to us, that the Bank of Ghana cannot make a decision until they refer to the NDC?” he questioned. He then continued, “This whole thing the NDC is doing is a clear distraction, clear evidence that the NDC doesn’t have any message. The relevant message any political party should communicate now is How do we strengthen this recovery, how do we make this recovery long term, how do we turn the curve and remain on a path to growth?”

Mr Ahiagbah, just like other functionaries of the ruling party did not fail to push the blame on the Russia-Ukraine war, arguing that central banks globally are posting losses.

“Central banks across the world are posting heavy losses, and the NDC knows about this. The Bank of England is owed in excess, a debt on their books, the Swiss bank is also owed, this is an incident happening across the board. This is because all economies are trying to build back due to COVID-19 and Russian-Ukraine war,” he argued.

The NDC at a press conference on Tuesday said they would march at the Bank of Ghana in 21 days if the governor and his deputies fail to resign.

“We are resolved to embark on popular action to occupy the Central Bank and drive out the team of inept, callous and criminal mismanagers of the finances of this country and save the Bank of Ghana. The March to Ensure Accountability will begin in 21 days if the Governor of the Bank of Ghana does not do the needful and pack bag and baggage out of that sacred institution that he has so desecrated. Dr Ernest Addisson Must Go! There has to be an end to impunity and it is NOW!”

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