North 2 South Experience: come meet Dr Pushkin in Accra

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Following the success of his maiden headline event in his home country, Ghana, the Ghanaian rap star, Dr Pushkin is bringing more of his Outlandish album with an exciting much promising music concert in the heart of Accra. The North 2 South Experience will bring more of the Outlandish experience to the rapper’s growing fanbase in the Ghanaian capital, Accra.

Having taken off the ground with Off Grid, the rapmeister is headlining his second concert in the country as he still celebrates his debut album while giving the lovers of his craft the opportunity to experience it live. Cleped, North 2 South Experience, the event is the first of a series of three events scheduled to take place in September 2023 by the ‘Forgive Them’ hitmaker.

When, Where and Who?

The trilogy of North 2 South Experience will commence in Accra on September 9, 2023, with a music concert. Hosting the show is the popular event hub at the heart of Accra, Alliance Francaise.

Aside from Dr Pushkin who is a guaranteed performer as the headliner of the concert, there will be a host of other musicians coming through to support the musical. Notable among the tall list of performers are Ataman Nikita, TeriWiizi and Jerry Kanjaga as well as Kwadjo Spiri, who all featured in the Outlandish album.

Also coming through for the night are Aphee, Tradey, Gold Ganq and Silky Pablo. It will be ‘No Case’ for alarm for beer lovers as the Bongo boys will bring the ‘Beer’ brewed on top of rocks to the party. Rock City will leave no stone unturned to amaze the audience with back-to-back hits and ‘Akolpoka’ definitely won’t skip from their list. Soorebia is not just a ‘Guyman’ but also does not want ‘Monopoly’ so he will be riding to the venue with his ‘Keekee’ as he is carrying a ‘Bag of Rocks’ to the venue to signal that ‘Kiima Kina’.

And after treating his beautiful and ever-faithful fans to the goodness of Outlandish, the Bolgatanga native will head home to his home region of Upper East for the final two events of the trilogy.

North 2 South Experience flyer. The event will be held at Alliance Francaise in Accra

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