A simple guide to the Legon Botanical Gardens

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Ghana is endowed with so many tourist attractions; both in the villages and cities. Regardless of which part of the country you are in, you could take a short trip to a tourist site to experience something really beautiful. Legon Botanical Gardens is one such place and in this article, we tell you everything you need to know about this beautiful place.

But of all the beauty we see at tourist sites, there is always the question of what do I get from going there. Well, you get a lot. And if you have been to one and never got anything meaningful, this one which I am about to share with you will compensate for that.

Legon Botanical Gardens

Located in the University of Ghana, at the Agbogba Junction, Off the Haatso-Atomic Road, the Legon Botanical Gardens is a place you should visit one of these days if you have not been there yet. Situated on 50 hectares, the University of Ghana-owned recreational facility is managed by the university’s Department of Botany together with a private entity.

What facilities are at Legon Botanical Gardens?

So many facilities are present at the centre to offer you pleasure and value for your money. For children, the Children’s Playground and Junior Rope Course are a perfect match to keep the kids engaged when you step out with the family to the gardens. High Rope Course, Canoeing, Canopy Walk, Woodlands, Bird Watching, Fishing and Cycling are all available. The gardens have the perfect facilities for hosting picnics and other outdoor fun events.

Fresh air, natural vegetation, and perfectly laid and signposted paths are the things that would welcome you to the gardens. What makes your time there enjoyable would depend partly on the staff there as facilities and your readiness to have fun. The friendly staff at the centre ensure you get the right treatment, guide and safety tips for whatever activity you are embarking on.

Getting prepared to go for the High Ropes Course at the Legon Botanical Gardens
Getting prepared to go for High Ropes Course at the Legon Botanical Gardens. Source: adumbire.com

Your drawback to enjoyment maybe if you get beaten by hunger. But that won’t happen while you are at the Legon Botanical Gardens. Snack stands are available at vantage locations and primarily at the entrance. You will be able to order most items instantly and for those who love natural juice, you will have so much that you can’t take all. Barbecue lovers aren’t left out. Just walk right towards the entrance if you are already inside and you will get the taste you have missed in the last millennia. If it becomes too much and you need something extra, check out Papaye and KFC which are very close outside the gate.

Do I need to book ahead of time and how much do I pay?

While you may need to book for activities such as picnic, school excursion and photo or video shoot ahead of time, most of the activities you can just walk in, pay on the spot and immerse yourself in. The prices are moderate and you can have your best experience to release stress with even a very limited budget.

Canoeing at the Legon Botanical Gardens

Although a small watercourse and the water at the gardens offer you a beautiful experience when you decide to take a canoe ride. Dotted by beautiful islands and peninsulas, you have the thrill of moving around in the water flanked by fresh tall trees that provide shade at the extremes. In the open waters, you come face to face with the sky, enabling you a clear and beautiful view of what is above.

Having a Canoe ride at the Legon Botanical Gardens
Having a Canoe ride at the Legon Botanical Gardens. Source: adumbire.com

While doing the cruise, you could come so close to water birds and you would see them fly very close to the water and some perch right next to you as you pass them by. You only pay GHS20 per head to have this fun moment for yourself.

A dam at the Legon Botanical Gardens where you can fish or go on Canoeing
A dam at the Legon Botanical Gardens where you can fish or go on Canoeing. Source: adumbire.com

Canopy Walkway

The 588 ft (approximately 180 metres) long walkway provides you with a beautiful view of the gardens. From there you can experience exciting aerial views and also watch the still and beautiful little lake from there. You have up to five bridges individually located at vantage sections of the walkway to provide you with a better view of the gardens.

Taking a walk on the Canopy Walkway at the Legon Botanical Gardens
Taking a walk on the Canopy Walkway at the Legon Botanical Gardens. Source: adumbire.com

Part of the canopy walkway is under rehabilitation so you might not get the full-length walk if you went there soon after this article has been published. However, expect to have a near two football field’s length of walking experience in the beautiful walkway when you go after the maintenance has been completed. Adults pay GHS30 while children would pay GHS25 for the experience.

High Rope Course

The rope courses are two; adults and children. While the Children Rope Course allows your children to enjoy the experience of completing some awesome challenges and mastering their bravery, the High Rope Course offers an even more exciting experience.

Aside from the physical engagement, the experience preys on your mental strength, pushing you to step up and be counted by continuing to finish the challenge or quitting. You could always get help when you need one while navigating through the challenges and you also have the luxury to take short breaks at key areas while still on the course.

Completing one of the 13 obstacles during a High Ropes Course at the Legon Botanical Gardens
Completing one of the 13 obstacles during a High Ropes Course at the Legon Botanical Gardens. Source: adumbire.com

The High Rope Course has 52 challenges in all, divided into four routes consisting of 13 challenges each. With a blend of difficult and easy challenges, you can catch your breath before continuing after overcoming a tough obstacle. To complete all four routes, you will pay GHS80 but if you wanted just two routes, then you pay only GHS50. You will be engaged on the safety tips by the team and as you navigate your way up high in the ropes, they are on the ground supporting you each step of the way.

Completing an obstacle during the High Ropes Course challenge at the Legon Botanical Gardens
Completing an obstacle during the High Ropes Course challenge at the Legon Botanical Gardens. Source: adumbire.com

Bird watching, Fishing and Cycling

Legon Botanical Gardens offers you the opportunity to watch various bird species. It has the highest concentration of nesting Yellow-billed kites. To be able to engage in this exercise, you need to go along with your own binoculars. All that for GHS30.

Fishing is an experience for many. Whether you are a pro or a first-timer, you can get a beautiful experience engaging in this exercise. Instructors will provide the needed support as you embark on a fishing voyage at the Vaughan Dam. What is more beautiful than pulling out that slimy beauty from the waters with just your fishing rod? You need to go along with your fishing rod if you want to take part in this activity. It only costs GHS30.

Cycling. Whether you are a professional who just wants some place to get in the heat or you are a newbie who is looking at trying out a new experience on pedals, the Legon Botanical Gardens has the perfect spot for you. Bring your bike and friends along for this beautiful experience. Bringing your own bike is the first step to taking part in this awesome exercise. You will pay GHS20 for this activity.

Playground at the Legon Botanical Gardens

The playground package is GHS25 and is limited to only children. A clean and spacious environment with safe facilities to play with, your child is bound to have the utmost experience of fun here.

Other services such as photo shoots, wedding shoots and model photoshoots for one cast and two crew members cost GHS300 each for the first two and GHS200 for the last. You would have to contact the office for other photo shoot options. Meanwhile, video shoot, drone shooting and other options for videos are available at great prices. To have them serve you food, you will have to talk to the office ahead of your visit and the best arrangements will be made for you.

What is a deal is, that you do not have to pay for all the activities you intend to take at once. Apart from the gate fee of GHS20 for all age groups and GHS30 for children inclusive of the playground package, you will pay for each activity at the point where it is taking place.

Beware that things may change

This article is based on my experience from my recent visit to the place. Things at the Gardens definitely won’t remain the same forever, especially the prices so do well to either check their website at Legon Botanical Gardens before going or call to enquire about their services ahead of time.

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