Edem: rapper raises serious questions in a social experiment

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Ghanaian rapper Denning Edem Hotor known by his stage name Edem, caused a stir on social media after he posted some political flyers. The rapper first posted a flyer in NDC colours with the message “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT SOON!”. He then informed his followers to watch out for the announcement at 4 PM the following day.

Edem flyer in NDC colours

Then the next day, Wednesday in the morning he posted another in NPP colours and captioned it, “4 PM: I TAKE A STAND”. That certainly got many of his followers confused as some felt he was not bold enough to choose one side.

Edem flyer in NPP colours

But it didn’t end there. Minutes after 4 pm when all who have seen the message were now anxious and waiting to receive the big news, he shocked everyone. He posted a message with him in Ghana colours then four thoughtful questions.

Edem takes a stand for Ghana

Social Experiment

1. Are Ghanaians tolerant of divergent views in Politics, and do media houses verify facts on information gotten before making it news?

2. Are people excited to see more young people take up Political Positions?

3. How do individuals of different political parties react towards each other?
Do people’s political views influence their attitudes, behaviours, and decision-making?

4. Does intolerance, bias, and prejudice affect individuals and their interactions with others who have different political views?

As this got many people thinking and those who were tensed due to their political affiliations and attachment to the rapper now try to wrap their heads around it, he asked those who unfollowed him because of politics to reconsider following back.

Though many may see his post as just any other thing, he actually exposed the level of intolerance in the Ghanaian political space. People turn up against their loved ones just because of differences in political opinion.

Finally, Edem used the medium to appeal to all followers of the two big political parties to use the same energy they have for their parties to support creativity. “Followers of both Parties should use the same energy to support creatives on social media and Both Parties are invited to #Edemfest23🕺“.

Also, he added that he needs the same level of energy they used to react to his posts in the political colours for his upcoming songs. “I need same energy for my upcoming songs 😊. Those wey unfollow me on party line, Abeg Follow back,” he concluded.

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