Mr Ibu is dead – the veteran actor was 62

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Veteran Nigerian actor John Ikechukwu Okafor also known as Mr Ibu has died according to reports emerging from his home country Nigeria. The veteran Nollywood star died at the Evercare Hospital in Nigeria.

According to a post by the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Emeka Rollas, the veteran comic star suffered cardiac arrest and could not survive. Mr Rollas said the news of Mr Ibu’s passing was confirmed by his manager of 24 years Mr Don Single Nwuzor.

“Sad day for Actors Guild of Nigeria,” Mr Rollas posted. “Kate Henshaw lost her mother earlier today and Mr Ibu suffered cardiac arrest according to his manager for 24 years, Mr Don Single Nwuzor. I announce with [a] deep sense of grief that Mr Ibu didn’t make it,” Rollas’ post read.

Nigerian actor John Okafor also known as Mr Ibu

The death of Mr Ibu comes just a few months after he successfully underwent surgery that saw the amputation of one of his legs. In early November 2023, the family announced that doctors had to amputate one leg of Mr Ibu to save his life. A post shared by the family said, “This development has been hard on us all but we’ve had to accept it as Daddy’s new reality”.

Following the success of the surgery, the veteran actor was discharged from the hospital and he returned home in January 2024. A video shared by actor Ken Eric showed him engaged in a hearty discussion with Mr Ibu which showed the celebrated actor was on his way to full recovery.

Mr Ibu was born on October 17, 1961, at Umuneku in Eastern Nigeria. He attended the Institute of Management and Technology at Enugu. He previously dropped out of the Yola College of Education due to financial constraints before later enrolling at IMT.

As one of the most famous names in Nigerian movie history, Mr Ibu has starred in several top movies including Mr. Ibu (2004), Mr. Ibu 2 (2005), Mr. Ibu and His Son, Coffin Producers, Husband Suppliers, International Players, Mr. Ibu in London (2005), Police Recruit (2003), 9 Wives (2005), Ibu in Prison (2006) and Keziah (2007).

The news of his passing has sent shocks with social media reacting deeply with condolence messages to the family. We join everyone in wishing the veteran actor Mr Ibu who entertained us all for years and gave us memories that we cannot do without. We pray that he will find rest with his Maker until we all meet again at the appointed time.

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