Shugatti sues pastor who called her a demon

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Ghanaian actress, socialite, video vixen and entrepreneur Abena Serwaa Frimpong who is known by her showbiz name Shugatti has taken to the law courts in a legal tussle with a pastor. The sex toys seller took to social media to announce the lawsuit against Ghanaian pastor Reverend Frank Gogo who is popularly known as Prophet Ekatso.

According to the court documents posted by Shugatti, the pastor alleged during an interview with Msomfo Efia Empress on Oman Channel that the actress is possessed. The pastor is alleged to have further warned all those who visit her restaurant located at Osu to be careful.

“For someone to operate a chop bar business in Accra, especially the area she has located her shop, it is not an easy task, consider the price of the shop? It means it is not ordinary. She is possessed by a Marine spirit and all those who visit her restaurant will end up being possessed. She is a queen in the realms of the spirit,” Prophet Ekatso allegedly stated as captured in the lawsuit.

Anyone who has eaten in her restaurant and is a woman has been possessed. She has been sent by the devil to destroy. She can possess women who visit her restaurant merely by talking to you or having an encounter with you. She can destroy your life merely by having an encounter or being in association with you…. All those who visit her restaurant should be very careful………”.

Aside from the pastor, the media house on which the statement was made, Mama Radio GH, owners of Oman Channel and host of the show Msomfo Efia Empress have both been added as defendants.

“That in their natural and ordinary meaning, the statements published by the 1st Defendant, encouraged by the 2nd defendant and published by aid of 3rd defendant seems to suggests that: Plaintiff is a demon-possessed person of questionable character and means and hence it is dangerous for ordinary right thinking members of society to be associated, acquainted or have any contact whatsoever with the plaintiff,” parts of the suit read.

Read the full lawsuit:

Shugatti files lawsuit against Ghanaian pastor
Shugatti files lawsuit against Ghanaian pastor
Shugatti files lawsuit against Ghanaian pastor
Shugatti files lawsuit against Ghanaian pastor

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