Fantana loses her boyfriend to death

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Ghanaian singer Francine Koffie known in showbiz as Fantana has lost her boyfriend Ayanle Husein. The young man’s untimely demise has left the singer inconsolable and she took to social media to share the sad news.

“Ayanle Hussein, my love. I can’t believe they took you away from me. My angel on earth, I am so broken. I cried and cried. I love you so much. You made me a better person; you thought me so much and believed in me. I’m sorry they did this to you.

“We loved each other so much. From day one, we were inseparable.

She said in the post that she will miss their time praying together on FaceTime though they each belong to different religions. Fantana, a Christian, said she taught her boyfriend about the Bible while Husein taught her about the Q-uran.

“I’m going to miss praying with you on FaceTime, whiles you taught me about the Quran and I taught you about the Bible. I am going to miss your advice and how you never let me give up but always want me to be better,” she revealed.

“We had so many plans, I was even making you move to Potomac, just so you could support me when I audition for real housewives of Potomac. You supported anything I wanted to do even when it didn’t make sense,” she added in her post.

Not much is known of her boyfriend, but it is obvious the two lovebirds were really enjoying their relationship. However, death has decided to separate them, leaving Fantana heartbroken.

We wish him peace with his maker while also praying for strength for Fantana to find consolation in the memories of their good times together.

Screenshot of Fantana's post
Screenshot of Fantana's post

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