Shatta Wale wades in Cecilia Dapaah’s saga

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Dancehall artist Shatta Wale has become the latest high-profile Ghanaian to wade into the ongoing brouhaha surrounding a former government appointee, Cecilia Dapaah. Shatta Wale expressed his frustration at the lack of transparency and the high levels of dishonesty in Ghanaian society.

According to Shatta Wale, the main topic should be about the minister keeping all that money in her house, not the housemaids who stole it. He said the question should be why the minister is keeping all that money at home in the first place.

“Look at our politicians, they aren’t studying politics they’re studying the foolishness of Ghanaians. That is why the sanitation minister can have a million dollars stolen from her house and everyone is talking about the house help who stole the money rather than asking why the minister has 1 million dollars in her house,” he said in an Instagram live video.

Explaining why the politicians do what they have been doing for years, he said it is because the politicians know no one will hold them accountable. He added that people go into politics because they want to make money. That, he said, will remain for a long time as nothing will change unless the people start holding their leaders accountable.

“The politicians know that you can’t tell them their faults, and that is why they can do whatever they want. Anybody you see going into politics is going for the money, not in the interest of the people. All of them, apart from me. As you are in Ghana, just pray, because this country will never change, the money will keep going wherever it’s going,” he explained.

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