Here is why the Ga Traditional Council banned funerals in Accra

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The Ga Traditional Council has announced that no funerals should take place in the national capital from mid-October till the end of the month. This means, no one can hold a funeral in Accra within that period as all such activities are outlawed during the period.

But what is the reason? Well, according to the Chief of Protocol at the Office of the Ga Mantse, Ambassador Sylvester Parker Allotey, the decision is to enable the land to mourn its late queen mother, the late Ga Manye, Naa Dedei Omaedru III.

Naa Dedei Omaedru III who passed in December 2022 will be laid to rest this year. And as a sign of respect for the traditional leader, all other funerals are barred in order to allow for the rites leading to the burial of the late Queen Mother.

“From the 15th of October, no funerals will be allowed in the region because we have to observe that two-week period from that 15th to 29th for only the rites leading to the proper farewell for the queen mother. Then there will be no installation of any traditional office holder till after the funeral.”

According to Ambassador Allotey, the two weeks ban will lead to the final burial and during the week of the final burial, there will be more measures to ensure sanity. He said certain roads in Accra will be closed for the purpose as well as some commercial activities.

“But in the week of the burial, there will be additional measures which we will put out very soon. The additional measures will include the period where shops and commercial activities will be stopped and also there are certain streets which will be closed,”

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