North2South Experience goes to Austin-Texas with Dr Pushkin

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Versatile Ghanaian rapper Dr Pushkin has following the success of his North2South Experience in Accra and Bolgatanga decided to open up the experience to the world. Having successfully hosted the maiden edition in Accra and Bolgatanga which included seminars to expose emerging music talents to tools for the craft, the Bolgatanga native is taking the next major step towards establishing a solid identity of Ghanaian and African craft across the Atlantic.

As a collaborative work between Isolirium Entertainment and the Texas-based Underground Voices Live, North2South Experience – Austin will bring together artists representing the northern and southern zones of their respective areas.

And as a promising packed hip hop and afrobeat music festival, several top stars will share the stage with the Ghanaian scientist cum musician. Billed out of Ghana, tongue-twisting rap legend, Quata Budukusu who heavily featured in the Outlandish album will perform at the event alongside Koo Kusi. Texas-based rapper Aggie will lead a high-profile list of artists including Ative, SpaceGoonz, The Boy, and WyldThang to represent the United States.

North2South Experience – Austin will bring Ghanaian artists in America, especially the Austin Texas Area to one platform. The event will be hosted at the Volstead Lounge in Austin on the first weekend of December.

As patrons hope to have an event worth the year-end parties, Dr Pushkin will be climaxing an exciting year that includes the release of his maiden studio album, Outlandish, the hosting of three shows in Ghana and an epic appearance at the celebrated SXSW 2023. Event tickets can be purchased online via North2South Experience.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy a documentary of the North2South Experience concerts held at the Alliance Francaise and Jocom Hotel in Accra and Bolgatanga respectively.

A Brief About The North2South Experience

As someone who is more attached to community gains than to personal laurels, Dr Pushkin first held the North2South Experience in Ghana at two venues, Bolgatanga and Accra. The event saw a star-studded appearance of artists including some of the favourites from the North of Ghana. The likes of Soorebia, Rock City and Pandy all graced the occasion alongside Ataman Nikita, Jerry Kanjaga and Teri Wiizi.

The event included a seminar in Bolgatanga that brought industry experts to share important experiences and tips with emerging talents to help them in their careers. While the Accra event was a one-day event, the Bolgatanga version was a two-day event that started with the seminar and climaxed with the music concert.

North2South Experience - Austin by Dr Pushkin

Aside from giving the platform to young talents to showcase their craft, the event seeks to offer experience-sharing access to artists just like was done in Bolgatanga this year. Future events have been planned to have the number of venues increased and the expansion beyond music to include all possible options in the art and entertainment industry.

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