Kennedy Agyapong reduced my congregation to 40 – Cecilia Marfo

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Veteran Gospel musician Cecilia Marfo has revealed her struggles in her ministry following uncountable controversies that rocked her life. The gospel musician was in heavyweight beef with fellow gospel artist Diana Asamoah a couple of years ago. Then Kennedy Agyapong took on the gospel singer in 2020 with numerous allegations which the singer now claims affected her very much.

Speaking in an interview on JoyPrime, Cecilia Marfo recounted her traumatic experiences which resulted because of those accusations.

According to Cecilia Marfo, “Can you believe that my church moved from a congregation of 400 to barely 40 members? When I remember these things, I cry, but God has told me not to worry as He has the final say.”

Her exchanges with Diana Asamoah started when Cecilia Marfo took the microphone away from fellow gospel musician Joyce Blessing while she was performing on stage and asked her to go back to her ex-husband.

Diana Asamoah reacted by calling the action “stupid” and said it must stop.

“There is no way I would have allowed Cecilia Marfo to embarrass me on stage. I would have beaten her up. This is nonsense. How can you embarrass another female Gospel musician as if she is a nobody?

“That stupid behaviour of Cecilia Marfo must stop. I have said it before that we must not allow her to have her way with us, ” Diana Asamoah said on Rainbow FM per the Daily Graphic.

She added “If three or more musicians had slapped her, she would have probably stopped this nonsense. I said it long ago after she spat in people’s faces as some of the directions God had given her. I spoke against it and today look at the embarrassment she has caused another colleague.”

Kennedy Agyapong tears Cecilia Marfo into pieces

Kennedy Agyapong in a campaign against what he called fake prophets in 2020 turned his attention to Cecilia Marfo after spending a long time on Bishop Obinim. According to Kennedy Agyapong Cecilia Marfo and Obinim are among a number of people who are using the pulpit to scam innocent Ghanaians.

“We cannot allow this woman, especially in the era of COVID-19, to be spitting into people’s mouths. It is so disgusting. Are you mad?” he said in an angry tone.

“Get ready; I’ll face you. You’re deceiving the public, deceiving the people in this country. When I start with Cecilia Marfo, I don’t want anybody to come and tell me that she is a woman,” he cautioned.

“I saw a video of what she has done and it is so disgusting,” he said on Net 2 TV.

Cecilia Marfo and Brother Sammy

Prior to all those things, Cecilia Marfo had to write a long message on social media denying allegations that he delivered gospel singer Brother Sammy. A viral video on social media showed the prophetess removing a necklace from the latter’s neck while warning him against ungodly acts. The video also showed her giving Brother Sammy some heavy slaps as she purportedly offered him deliverance.

She took to social media to deny the claims while adding that Brother Sammy is not an evil man.

“I have seen a story making rounds that I Cecilia Marfo has slapped and delivered Brother Sammy from an evil spirit. I want you to disregard that story. There is no truth in it. God gave me a prophesy to be given to him and I did just that. And the prophesy was that, He God wants to add another gift of the Holy Spirit unto his already existing Grace. He wants to make him (Brother Sammy) an Evangelist of the Cross and that, he should wear the amour of Christ and that of the Evangelism gift, in preparation of the anointing and put away the old him,” she posted.

Adding, “I never said Brother Sammy is evil. He can never be an evil person. Brother Sammy is an ordained man of God who true [sic] his worship God is saving many. For crying out loud, I have never organised any program without puting Brother Sammy on it.”

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