OSP chases NPP men for alleged vote-buying

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The Office of the Special Prosecutor is on the trails of some members of the New Patriotic Party for allegedly engaging in corruption and corruption-related activities during the party’s primaries held on Saturday. Pictures of the accused have been widely shared on social media after the OSP made the announcement.

NPP held primaries at constituencies where the opposition party won the last parliamentary elections to elect parliamentary candidates for the next election. During the elections, some persons were accused of engaging in vote-buying and using money to induce delegates to vote for selected candidates.

The OSP shared the pictures on X with he caption, “The following persons are wanted by the OSP for corruption and corruption-related offences in respect of public elections – especially vote buying.” 

While details including names of the accused persons and the places where the alleged incidents took place are not available now, there are speculations that the list is the first batch as more would be shared later.

NPP members wanted by the OSP

Meanwhile, following the conclusion of polls in 111 constituencies across the country, the NPP has pledged its readiness to claim majority parliamentary seats in 2024.

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia who is leading the party into the next presidential elections said the party is ready and well prepared for the 2024 elections.

“Our party’s preparedness and determination to take a majority of these seats from the National Democratic Congress has been definitively demonstrated by today’s events,” Dr Bawumia stated.

Adding, “With the upcoming 2024 general elections in sight, I am very impressed by the quality of candidates chosen to represent our Party in these constituencies. In the coming election, I am confident that we will succeed in securing these seats through our sustained unity and collective efforts.”

He urged the party to remain united as that is the one thing required to further their cause to stay in power beyond 2024.

“To keep our momentum and to accomplish victory, we need to stay united from the grassroots down to the highest levels of leadership,” he advised.

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