No Heroes: Dr Pushkin and Lyrical Joe drop epic visuals

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Rappers Dr Pushking and Lyrical Joe have dropped the much-anticipated visuals of their early 2024 release “No Heroes”. Released in January 2024, it is the precursor to the scheduled duology ‘No Heroes’ and ‘No Miracles’ which Dr Pushkin announced would be released this year.

So far, the 2023 SXSW alumna has lived beyond the standards he set previously. Also, the promise to feature multiple artists from three continents in the upcoming albums has taken real form.

Lyrical, the 2022 VGMA rapper of the year was the first to feature with the duo releasing the maiden track for the year in January. That followed works with others such as Kojo Cue, Strongman Burner and Ataman Nikita among others to do six songs in six months.

The video was shot in locations in Ghana and directed by Sena the Whatever with audio production mixing and mastering by Phredxter Beats and Itzcj Made It.

A list of the songs released by Dr Pushkin in 2024 and the timeline of release

January: “No Heroes” – featuring Lyrical Joe

February: No Go Go – featuring Ataman Nikita and Ko-Jo Cue

March: Just Watch – featuring CJ Biggerman and Taitan

April: Empty Grave – featuring B-Wayne

May: Winning Remix – featuring Budukusu and Wyldthang

June: Still Here – featuring Strongman Burner and Ataman Nikita

Meanwhile, you can watch the new visuals from Dr Pushkin and Lyrical Joe here as they perform in No Heroes.

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