No Heroes: Dr Pushkin drops hot tune featuring Lyrical Joe

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Following a sizzling 2023 that saw him make new grounds and properly reintroduce himself into Ghanaian music, lyricist Dr Pushkin has kicked off 2024 with something even bigger. The rapper hinted that he was bringing something hotter and spicier in 2024. True to his words he began the year with something fascinating. He dropped the first track from his duology “No Heroes, No Miracles”.

Teaming up with 2022 VGMA rapper of the year and 5th August 6 crooner Lyrical Joe, Dr Pushkin gave a glimpse into what the next few months of the year are and possibly what is far beyond the horizon. The duo teamed up for the first song on the first of Dr Pushkin’s two scheduled albums for 2024, ‘No Heroes’. Produced by Phredxter, No Heroes is a story on a hard hip-hop beat that talks about reliance.

Released on January 31, No Heroes has a note for people who doubt themselves and one for those who expect savings from others. No Heroes is a masterpiece that confirms and further solidifies the lyrical prowess of the two artists, bringing out diverse energy from both by perfectly lacing them up on the heated Hip Hop beat to produce an act of a deeper class.

An example of someone who speaks his mind and one who abhors the social ills that are glorified by society, Dr Pushkin left a piece in there for nearly everyone. Testifying why there are “No Heroes”, he roped in history spanning from racism to paedophiles and political scams.

“Make a Saint of Mom Theresa. You should check her file….We believed in Nana. Put him up in higher places. Much ado about nothing except embezzle cases!

“You damn right…I ain’t either. Ain’t your hero, ain’t your saviour neither. My hands full with myself like I’m jerking myself….”

Where is Dr Pushkin heading with No Heroes?

After a busy 2023 that saw him perform at the famed SXSW while organizing and hosting three different shows in Ghana, 2024 promises to be even bigger and better. With two albums; No Heroes and No Miracles set to hit the airwaves in 2024, it is massive work for the untiring Ghanaian lyrical paradox.

In his musical box for 2024, he has a cast that includes popular names across three continents; Africa, Asia and North America. Leading the Ghanaian cast working on the upcoming albums are afro-pop/hip-hop artist Linford Kennedy Amankwa known as Kojo Cue and winner of the 2012 edition of “The Next Big Thing In Ghanaian Hip-Hop”, Strongman Burner. Also featured in the impressive album are CJ Biggerman and female rap heavyweight Ruth Eno Adjoa Amankwah Nyame Adom better known as Eno Barony.

The “God Is A Woman” and ‘Fear No Man” rapper does not end the tall list of Ghanaian representation. Dr Pushkin has always remembered his roots and he goes back home this time around also to feature some of Upper East’s top-rated acts. Two-string guitar specialist Stevo Atambire, B-Wayne, Alaptawan and enigmatic beatmaker AzkonnaBeatz are among the several artists appearing in the two albums.

Moving away from home, there are superstar representations from South Africa, Indonesia and the United States. The Isolirium star artists has a lot lineup and we can only expect more after this heavy dose from him and Lyrical Joe.

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