COP Mensah: only a mad person will want me punished

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COP Alex George Mensah, one of the police officers who were captured in a leaked tape plotting the removal of the Inspector General of Police, Dr. George Akuffo Dampare has called the bluff of those asking for him to be punished. COP Mensah said he cannot be punished for crimes he committed as a police officer because he has retired.

The calls for his punishment follow the conclusion of the Atta Akyea Committee’s work on the IGP leaked tape incident. COP Mensah along with Supt. George Lysander Asare and Supt. Emmanuel Eric Gyedi were faulted for misconduct in the plot to oust the IGP.

Reacting to the report, Security Analyst Adam Bonaa said COP Mensah committed the offences while he was an officer. He argued that based on that the police officer must be recalled from retirement to suffer the consequences of his actions.

“He committed the crime while in service so you are trialled in service and then whatever punishment is it, it is given to you. the reason is that it is supposed to serve as a deterrent for other service officers who might want to do the same,” Adam Bonaa noted.

However, COP Mensah reacted strongly to that assertion, suggesting that persons who call for his punishment are mentally deranged. He said he has no business with the police and cannot be recalled from retirement to serve a punishment.

“No sensible person can say that [that he be punished]. Anybody who makes that comment, we have to check his brains. He should be sent to the mental hospital and check his brains. Maybe his brain is not working well.”

According to COP Mensah, whether Parliament forwards the Committee’s report to the President or not, he has nothing to worry about. He maintained that he moved on from being a police officer following his retirement.

“If Parliament has decided, if they want to send it to the President, they can send it to the President. Whatever the President decides to do, let him do it. At the appropriate time, if we need to do something we will also do it. But as I speak, I am not a police officer, and no policeman can call me for any disciplinary action.”

Also, COP Mensah rubbished the report in circulation claiming it is a leaked report and not the real one by the Committee. He thus suggested that discussions on it matter be halted as it is “useless.” The retired senior police officer insinuated that the lack of Atta Kyea’s signature on the report makes it an invalid one and should not be entertained.

“We don’t need to discuss this. It is a useless thing that is just circulating…a leaked report. Let the report be filed at the main Parliament. Don’t waste our time on this. I will only speak on a report that Atta Akyea has presented to Parliament. Why didn’t the chairman sign? Because there is something wrong with the report.”

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