Burkina Faso: suspected Islamists kill at least 50 soldiers

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At least 50 men and women of the Burkina Faso armed forces have been killed by suspected jihadist in the northern parts of the country, the country’s military revealed on Monday.

The latest attacks in the country took place on Friday, February 17, 2023, adding to the rising number of insurgents attacks on the country’s security and civilians.

A military report on Monday revealed that eight personnel had lost their lives following intense fighting at Oudalan, one of the 45 provinces in the country.

Meanwhile, the number of attacks have been on the rise since the turn of the year with over 100 deaths recorded so far. This follows the inability of the country to contain the insurgents. The deteriorating security in the country has witnessed two coups in the immediate recent past while France has also ended its mission in the country following nearly eight years of service in the country.

The insurgency which began in 2015 have resulted in over 2000 deaths of both civilians and security personnel with approximately two million people displaced as a result.

In late January, an attack led to the death of at least 30 people including 16 volunteers who were supporting the security. That attack was in Bam, another northern Province in the country.

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