Ejisu by-election in limbo as CPP goes to court to stop EC

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The Convention People’s Party, CPP, has gone to court to injunct the upcoming Ejisu by-election. Ashanti Regional Chairman of the party, Emmanuel Gallo who filed the suit is “praying for an order of Interlocutory Injunction to restrain” the Electoral Commission [Defendant/Respondent] from “conducting the Ejisu Constituency by-election on or before 30’’ April 2024″.

According to the suit, one of the candidates contesting the Ejisu by-election, Esther Osei, was not selected by the party. The party said it had informed the EC on April 18 that it is not participating in the Ejisu by-election. However, Esther Osei was allegedly later introduced to the EC by people who did not have the authority to act in that capacity for the party.

CPP said it was a restraint on the Electoral Commission to hold on with the by-election until after the legality of Esther Osei’s candidature has been determined.

According to the suit, “…one Estlier Osei showed up at the Defendant’s Office and has been registered by Defendant to contest the said by-election on the ticket of the CPP as its candidate. And that, the said Esther Osei was introduced by a letter dated 18th April 2024 to the Defendant from the former chair and leader of the CPP Nana Akosua Frimpomaa, who together with 8 other National Executives, at the Party’s National Executive Council meeting on 5th December 2023, were removed from office,” part os the suit said.

The party said that if it intended to contest the Ejisu by-election, the constituency would have elected a candidate whom the party’s Central Committee would approve. But none of that has been done which means by its laws, the candidature of Esther Osei is invalid.

“…per Article 53 (d) of the CPP’s Constitution, it is the duty of the Constituency Branch Party Conference to elect a Parliamentary candidate for the Constituency for the approval of the Central Committee. Thus, the power to get a Parliamentary candidate for the Party lies with the Party’s Constituency members at a Constituency Conference held for that purpose and this has not been done to elect anybody.”

It added that the party’s Central Committee did not approve Esther Osei or anyone to contest in the Ejisu by-election.

“…CPP’s Central Committee has not considered and approved the said Esther Osei or any other person to contest on the ticket and on behalf of the CPP as a political party, regarding the Defendant’s intended Ejisu Constituency by-election.”

The party is seeking “an order directed at the Defendant (EC) not to register and allow the said Esther Osei or any other person not elected by the CPP Ejisu Constituency Branch Conference and approved by the CPP’s Central Committee, to contest the said Ejisu Constituency by-election on the ticket and on behalf of the CPP, a political party governed by rules and regulations.”

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