African movies you should watch this Christmas season

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A season of celebration and partying; Christmas. Many will be out in clubs, beaches and places of pleasure to release stress and reconnect with friends and family. But we know that not every one of us wants to go out during this season. Some are not even able to go out due to certain reasons. So we decided that we will help you with a list of top African movies that you can entertain you and your family with during this Christmas break. Straight ahead, we begin…

King of Boys: The Return of The King

When your mission is powered by revenge, regret and brutality, there is virtually no bridge that you cannot cross. King of Boys: The Return of the King presents an epic encounter of drama, social commentary and nerve-racking actions. The Kemi Adetiba-directed series stars Sola Sobowale, Efa Iwara, Osas Ighodaro and a host of several other top Nollywood actors and actresses. It makes for some of the African movies that should be on your TV this holiday.

Nairobi Half Life

You know how hard it is when everyone is against what you believe? Sometimes you just have to go hard against the tide even when you know you could be swallowed up by its ravaging terror. But what else is there than to try? That is just all of it with a young Kenyan’s dream of becoming a big-name actor. His dreams do not sit well with his family but he nonetheless opts to go for it from the upcountry, he moves to Nairobi; the city of opportunities. How his life and career played out there, you should see that for yourself by watching it this Christmas.


Fleeing from terror in your home country can often be a difficult task and sometimes it is just only hope that keeps you on. A young Nigerian flees from Boko Haram terror in his homeland. He arrives in Australia and tries to integrate into Australian society. As the light blurs out on him, he meets a woman who opens up her home for him. But what paid for all his troubles is, the woman did not just open her home but her heart as well for him. What happened next? You may just have to see that for yourself. There are not many better options out there when looking for African movies this season than Akoni.

My Octopus Teacher

My Octopus Teacher

Well, we all wish to make new friends and feel joyful when making one. But sometimes it gets extra special for some people. A filmmaker gets a new friend but unlike the everyday friends we have, this was an unusual friendship. Foster develops an intimate relationship with an Octopus living in a kelp forest in South Africa. He learns as the Octopus shares the mysteries of her world. Trust me, this will be worth your time. Highly rated by the famed Rotten Tomatoes with 93% ratings, you surely won’t want to pass this by if you have not already watched it.

Black is King

Beyonce did not only create music but a cultural masterpiece. Shot from different locations including Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Belgium, England and the United States, the musical film reimaged Africa’s culture. Starring Beyonce herself and Jay-Z alongside a host of other top stars such as Shatta Wale, Pharell Williams, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage and Yemi Alade, you will be entertained. Catch the adventure, drama and fantasy of Black is King this Christmas.


Though not an exclusive list, we hope these five selections help you get some quality time at home with your family and friends this Christmas season. Do let us know which top African movies should have made it into the list of five.

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