Betrayal and top movies to expect this week

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New movies are released every day just like others are made daily. And when the traffic is high, we wonder how you can shuffle through the bunch and get what you should spend your popcorn time with. With that in mind, we decided to help by dropping some of the coolest titles you should expect every new week. So what’s up for the first week of December? Betrayal may just be on top though.

Murder In Boston: Roots, Rampage & Reckoning, Release date: December 4

This may not be a regular movie but the documentary promises something fans would love to spend the hour on. Based on the infamous 1989 Stuart case, the documentary is an HBO original done in collaboration with the Boston Globe, the newspaper that extensively covered the incident. The documentary traversed key actors like individuals related to the incident, race relationships in Boston and how a rush to justice can harm a community. Watch out for the Murder In Boston: Roots, Rampage and Reckoning from Monday, December 4. Explore the senses and trauma of the murder of a pregnant woman in the city called the “racist city of America” and what its impact has been.

Aliens Uncovered: The Lost Race; Release date: December 5

Are you the one who thinks aliens are real or do you doubt their existence? Well, regardless of where you stand, this is something you can’t miss. Starring Steve Barone, Clive Christopher and Nemi Koci; the Clive Christopher-directed movie talks about a lost generation that is hidden from modern society. There’s a vast amount of information about a group of beings that existed before humans. The question is why are they hidden from humans? Well, investigations connected to art and ancient text reveal interactions between humans and a higher source of intelligence but no one is sure whether it is the same group whose identity remains a mystery to humans.

Betrayal; Release date: December 5

Presented with the task of choosing between his country and honour, a German-Dutch Ludwig Mengelberg (played by Peter Nillesen), an officer in the German army who is nicknamed “Der Fliegende Holländer” made a tough call. He finds it increasingly difficult to cope with the horrors of the war. And when his wife and daughter are killed in a bombing, the time has come for him to decide, his decision, a desperate one. Mengelberg got transferred to the Netherlands where he decides to help a Dutch farm family covering up people in hiding. However, his choice backfired as he commits high treason against his own men. When suspicion arises and the resistance advances, Mengelberg risks his life and those of the people he desires to help. Betrayal stars Peter Nillesen, Dirk Gunther Mohr, Kai Kolderand, Ingrid Bisschop, Berit van de Wouw and Andreas Lessig. Directed by Dennis Bots and Thomas Nauw, with production by Epic Pictures. So what would the betrayal end in for Der Fliegende Holländer?

The Abyss; Release date: December 6

A crew of an underwater oil rig in the middle of the ocean are enlisted by the U.S. government to assist in the rescue of an American nuclear submarine during the height of the Cold War. In the course of their mission, they discover a strange and mysterious force living in the deep and the discovery turned their rescue mission to an adventure into the wondrous and the unknown. A rework of the 1989 sci-fi epic, the Abyss is directed by James Cameron and stars Ed Harris, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, James Cameron, Michael Biehn, Todd Graff, Kimberly Scott, J.C. Quinn, John Bedford Lloyd and Leo Burmester. Would they rescue the submarine or what would be the end of their discovery?

Into The Weeds; Release date: December 8

Another epic documentary movie takes a trip into the search for justice by a groundkeeper, Lee Johnson against the manufacturer of Roundup, a weed killer. Monsanto is the agrichemical giant that manufactures the weed killer. Roundup has glyphosate as the active ingredient, a chemical that was found in 2015 by the WHO as a probable human carcinogen. A landmark San Fransisco Superior Court ruling in 2018 awarded $289 million in damages to Johnson. Monsanto is now part of Bayer which was ordered in 2018 to pay $10.9 billion to settle lawsuits. But the story of Monsanto and Roundup goes beyond that, however, the entire episode with Johnson set up a precedent. The trailer to this epic may as well just tell you more.

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