Acrimony: why the 2018 American thriller is trending?

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Acrimony 2 has been trending on social media today for reasons that you hardly would know but we did uncover the subtle reason why the supposed movie title is trending.

Social media especially the microblogging site Twitter has been trending with posters of the supposed movie. A look at the poster shows that the 2018 American psychological thriller, Acrimony is set to hit the screens soon thus generating excitement.

Written, directed and produced by American playwright, filmmaker, entrepreneur and actor Tyler Perry, the 2018 movie is themed on a loyal wife who decided to take revenge on her ex-husband who wronged her.

The movie received low ratings on the famed movie rating site Rotten Tomatoes. With a Tomatometer of 18% and an audience score of 58%, the website posted a critical consensus that says, “Tyler Perry’s Acrimony might be of interest to hardcore Tyler Perry fans, but all other viewers are advised to make time for another Fatal Attraction screening instead”.

No communication of the continuation or release of part two of the movie had been mentioned until a flyer with Taraji Penda Henson popped up on social media. Miss Henson played the role of Melinda Moore Gayle, ex-wife of Robert Gayle, played by Jamaican-Canadian actor Lriq Bent.

The emergence of the poster got fans divided on whether the movie is set to continue. However, a look at the poster has information explaining the flyer, something most tweeps probably have missed. The poster has the caption, “Its Not Over. Acrimony 2”.

However, underneath that catchy caption is the message, “This is a concept design by @jayla_designs, this is not real Lol!! Acrimony 2 was my first movie poster design that went viral, so I had to remake it”.

This showed the design had no relation with the movie’s producers and is no sign that we could be seeing Acrimony 2 anytime soon or even ever.

Acrimony 2 poster that is trending on Twitter

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