There is no God – Mzbel’s son Okomfo Black

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The 10-year-old son of musician Mzbel, Okomfo Black has made some startling claims that have shocked everyone. Okomfo Black who is just 10 years old in an interview on OBI TV said “There is no God” as he blatantly rubbished any notion of God and his powers.

When asked about creation, he said he was created by his mother who gave birth to him. Shocked by his response, the host asked the question with emphasis on creation. Then he replied, “I believe through Science human beings were born not created,” adding, “And if human beings were created in the first place, I never got to see God as my father or God as my mother. The only person who cares for me is my mother. She buys clothes, she buys my food, she pays my food. She does everything, God doesn’t do anything for me.”

He admitted that he has some beliefs but that is in his ancestors as he is a traditionalist. He said he pours libations to his ancestors though he is just 10 years old.

When asked whether he believes in Jesus Christ and that he died for the sins of man, Okomfo Black replied that he doesn’t believe Jesus died for any sins. He argued that if Jesus is God and is the almighty he could have made sin not exist. Backing that up, he said if God didn’t want man to sin then why was sin created unless God is setting man up to fail? According to him, the fact that there is sin and the punishment is hell means it is God’s intention to cast man into hell, something he said does not make sense regardless of how much time you will spend thinking about it.

“I don’t actually think he is almighty in a way because if you’re almighty, he could not stop sin. Now we are sinning you are trying to forgive us.” He added that if God forgives sins then why not forgive everyone but wait for people to go to hell? Because in hell there is no communication between God and the dead so how will the sins then be forgiven? He said if God doesn’t like sin then he should have stopped it in the first place.

“Why doesn’t he stop sin if he doesn’t like sin? Sin is not good and he doesn’t sin so why did he create sin? Automatically meaning like human beings created sin on our own so we’re powerful than him. Even if he created us we are more powerful than him[God],” he argued.

Also, the youngster argued that people have been praying all their life but remained poor but those who are successful are the ones who have been noted to have worked hard. He said God will never drop money for anyone and probably doesn’t care about anyone as he might be busy also minding his business or trying to get food for himself.

Watch the full interview below.

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