Mzbel defends her son Adepa, says everyone is a god

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Singer Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, known as Mzbel has come to the defence of her 10-year-old son Adepa also known as Okomfo Black. The 10-year-old stirred public discourse when he said there is no God and if there is, human beings are more powerful than him.

According to him, the claim that Jesus came and died for the sins of man does not make sense as if God was that powerful he could have stopped sin and not allowed it to happen. He also said people there are people who have been praying all their life but have remained poor so it means if there is even God, he does not care about humans.

His mother, Mzbel, has come to his defence explaining that every living thing is a god in its own sense quashing the notion of an almighty being.

“YES! We dont believe in the existence of an Almighty God, because we know that everything or anything that has life no matter how big or small is a God, that is why when we pour libation (Pray) we acknowledge and honour all those energies (God).

Our ancestors are dead but their blood and spirit runs through us, we are their DNA so we honour them too,” she stated.

“We are all God’s… spend time with yourself in quietness, ask questions, and patiently wait for the answers from within u! You will be amazed,” Mzbel added.

Mzbel statement defending her son

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