Spyro: I used to beg for money to buy food just months ago

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Trending Nigerian singer Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, popularly known as Spyro has recounted his grass-to-grace story while sharing what he does now to support others.

The singer who shot to fame with his “Who Is Your Guy” single and recently did the remix with superstar singer Tiwa Savage said he begged his friends to buy food. He, however, said it is the grace of God that actually has made where he is possible.

He said, “It’s really amazing what God can do in a man’s life. I remember a couple of months, I was broke, and I was disappointed in life. I felt like, is this dream of mine ever going to come true?

“I will enter into people’s DM to beg for help. And I was literally begging for help in real life. I’ll call my friends on phones Kunle, Christian, [and] Korede just for money to eat,” he said as quoted by Pulse.

He added that what he went through made him think so many others are also going through the same thing and he takes every moment he gets to say a prayer for them.

“Things were that bad and it makes me feel a lot of people are going through the same situation or similar situations. Which is the reason why I always want to take every opportunity to pray for people.

According to him, he prays for everyone and he believes God will change it for everyone and it will be “in a manner” that is beyond comprehension.

“I pray for whoever is listening to me today, God is going to give you a life-changing testimony. He is going to change your life in a manner that you cannot even comprehend. Like, He’s going to boast with your life.

The singer added that he is yet to come to the reality of his current position from where he was a few months ago. He said God is real and those who believe will get the reward.

“I’m still in shock at what God is doing in my life and I extend that same grace to you. If he can do it for one, he can do it for all. Believe and you’ll see it, in Jesus’ name we pray; Amen,” he concluded.

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