Election 2024: we will not cheat so don’t cheat us – NDC begs EC

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A leading member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Professor Joshua Alabi has called on the Electoral Commission to be fair in the election 2024. He said the NDC was not ready to cheat anyone to get to power so it does not also want to be cheated.

Prof Joshua Alabi was addressing a gathering at the NDC office in Accra when he led a team to file the nominations for former President John Mahama to contest the party primaries.

“We are not prepared to cheat anybody and in the same vein we are not ready for any party to cheat us,” Prof Joshua Alabi.

As part of measures to ensure they effectively can monitor the elections, Prof Alabi said the party is working on a strong collation system. The party has been let down a couple of times by their weaknesses in collating the results, something they want to improve. He added that their system will ensure they are ahead with the tallying of the votes and could announce results a few hours after voting.

“We are working hard to make sure that our collation system is very robust. Come that day, don’t be surprised when by 12 midnight or 1 am you see us on TV telling you to go out and jubilate,” he announced.

However, to get to the election of 2024 with Mahama on the ballot, he must make his way through the primaries by beating three other contenders. Dr Kwabena Duffour, a banker and former Finance Minister; Kojo Bonsu, a former Mayor of Kumasi and Ernest Kwaku Krobea are the others seeking to lead the party in 2024. He urged for a massive endorsement of Mahama’s candidature at the May 13 primaries.

“Even with 51%, he has won. With 60%, 70%, 80% or 90% he has won, but we want 99.999%. The 2024 elections are not going to be easy. Around the whole country what the people say is very simple, ‘the NDC is coming back’”, Prof Alabi noted.

According to Prof Alabi, though there is a general consensus in the party for Mahama to lead the party and in Ghana, it is a loud call for the return of the NDC, they are not resting on that but would go all out to ensure a conclusive victory on May 13 and in 2024.

“When something belongs to you and you don’t protect it the thief will come for it. So we are not going to sleep even though the general claim is ‘the NDC is coming back’. We are going to work with all the organs to make sure that in the next election, we give the party a one-touch victory,” he revealed.

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