Portable detained in police cells until Monday

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Nigerian singer Habeeb Olalomi Oyegbile, known as Portable will have his weekend in Police cells after he was arrested by state police on Friday.

Following the expiration of a 72-hour ultimatum given to him to report to the police, the state police swooped in on the singer to effect his arrest.

This follows an earlier altercation he had with the police who had gone to his Odogwu Bar to arrest him. He later recorded a video in which he hurled insults at the officers for coming to his place to arrest him.

According to the police, “It is not possible for somebody to become bigger than the law. Everybody, we are all equal before the law and the law takes care of anybody who runs foul against it”.

“As you can see, Portable has been arrested. There is a petition against him from a Nigerian who has a studio and this guy (Portable) went to the studio of this man and destroyed the studio and he still ordered his boys to beat up the studio owner. He was beaten black and blue and that was the basis of the petition in the first instance.

“Based on that, an invitation letter was sent to him, not once, not twice, not three times, but he refused to honour the invitation. When he refused to honour the invitation, police officers were sent to effect his arrest and on getting there, he assaulted the officers. But today he has been arrested, he is with us,” the police revealed.

Per the police, “Investigation has commenced and as soon as we conclude our investigation, he is going to be charged to court any moment from now”.

In addition to arresting the singer, the police stated that one’s status as a singer does not make him or her bigger than the law. They urged all who find themselves in privileged positions in society to operate within their limits.

“That you are an artiste or you a star does not make you to be above the law. Nobody is above the law, the law is no respecter of anybody. If you are an artist, if you are a celebrity or a star of any kind, you must operate within the ambit of the law and the law will protect you, but when you take impunity as one of the characteristics of being a celebrity, you will have the law enforcement agency to contend with.”

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