Ofankor: armed robbers rob security officers

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Armed robbers robbed security officers working at the Nsawam-Ofankor road project in the early hours of Sunday. Ing. Abdulai Mahama, the Senior Project Manager made this known, adding that the incident has been reported to the Police.

According to Ing. Mahama, the security men confronted the armed men when they were about to rob a faulty vehicle parked near the Ofankor railway bridge. But in the course of the exchanges, the armed men overpowered the two security men, tied them up and took their belongings. They then proceeded to rob the vehicle. The faulty vehicle was coming to Accra from Burkina Faso.

“The head of internal security called me that apparently one of Burkina or the foreign trucks had developed a fault in that particular section. And as usual when there are some of these faulty vehicles, these robbers make it a target to be able to go and get what is in those trucks.

“So, one of the security men informed us that around 12:45 am, a Camry salon car, Toyota Camry, it is a black vehicle, got to that location and approached the security.”

“In the exchange of words, they tied the two security men…they attacked two other men who were in the car and took away their money and some phones and then bolted.

“This has been happening on the stretch anytime we have some of these faulty vehicles along the Ofankor stretch. But we have reported to the Ofankor police and they have assured us that they are commencing an investigation.”

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