#OccupyBoGProtest: guns could’ve been involved – Franklin Cudjoe cautions Addison

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Franklin Cudjoe has warned the Bank of Ghana governor to be respectful and stop insulting people following the latter’s comments about the #OccupyBoGProtest organized by the Minority. Dr Addison said the Minority had other options to pass on their grievances without necessarily having to resort to demonstrations.

Dr Addison said, “The Minority in parliament have many channels to channel their grievances in civilised societies, not through demonstrations in the streets as hooligans”. He said this after both he and his two deputies dodged the Minority and sent the Head of Security at the bank to go and receive the petition from the Minority.

But the founding President of IMANI would have none of that as he warned the BoG governor that the demonstration by the Minority could have been violent. He said the demonstrators just like any other group past and current had the right to protest and it should not be different when it comes to the #OccupyBoGProtest.

“Indeed he wasn’t just insulting the demonstrators at the venue that day but he was virtually insulting almost everybody who has actually demonstrated before or will be demonstrating in the future,” Franklin Cudjoe told Citi TV.

“In fact, I think what he should be thankful for is that the demonstrators were not violent. I kept saying that those people who are preventing people from demonstrating should rather be grateful that those demonstrating did not do so with sticks and guns,” he warned.

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