Mahama campaigns against coup in Ghana

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Former President John Dramani Mahama has vehemently established that a coup d’etat is no option for the West African country despite several of its regional neighbours shifting to military rule. The sporadic coups in the West African region which saw four of the region’s nations fallout from democracy have been attributed to bad economic conditions and worsening security in the countries.

However, Mahama said Ghana is not in a position that cannot be salvaged democratically to consider a coup. He said the hardships in the country were predicted as his party warned the NPP about its decision but those warnings fell on deaf ears and led the country to this current state.

According to Mr Mahama who was addressing the regional Imams at the National Conference of Imams in the Ashanti Region, “constitutional governance” is still the most viable option for the country and all must endeavour to protect it.

“We told NPP the path they were taking was dangerous but our advice fell on deaf ears. And that is the reason we are where we are today and we are all facing the challenges. So we all have to help out and get out of this mess. But we would have to adhere to constitutional governance so that we are not swayed by the alternative of coups.”

“We should know that no matter the hardship there will be the opportunity for an election for different people to be elected. It is only left with a year for us to say goodbye to some people and welcome others who can fix the economy. So let’s continue respecting the Constitution. We should never think of coups and everything will be fine,” Mahama told the Conference. 

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