Muntaka: the coup in parliament caused the defeat of 17 MPs

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Former Minority Chief Whip and the member of parliament for Asawase in the Ashanti Region Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak has blamed the NDC leadership for causing the defeat of 17 of his colleagues at the just-ended primaries.

According to Muntaka, the changes to the Minority side in Parliament affected the primaries and now the NDC will struggle for lack of experience in the next parliament.

“The truth is that in 2020, because the NPP had bridged camp, there was a lot of vigour, there was a lot of energy, naturally when you are going for primaries, NPP should be interested in some constituencies creating confusion so that they can have the chance to split your votes and take the constituency and there are examples like Akontombra and many others”.

Though he blamed the shift in power in Parliament within the NDC as the reason, Muntaka said he cannot blame the caucus’ current leadership. He said Casiel Ato Forson’s-led leadership was installed after the date for the primaries was announced so there was nothing they could do about it.

“Now in 2023 NPP is struggling to find its feet, they are struggling to stay above waters, and then you go and lose 17 MPs. Who do you blame, it will be very unfair if you blame the current [Minority] leadership because the primaries were announced before the coup that happened in Parliament, [and that was] very unstrategic”.

Explaining why he absolved Casiel Ato Forson and Kwame Governs Agbodza of blame, he said they had limited time to prepare.

“You can do any scientific research, and it would point to you that, the timing of that coup was absolutely wrong. It didn’t give the new leadership the opportunity to settle and strategize to save many more MPs,” he said as quoted by Citi News.

Following the completion of the NDC primaries on Saturday, May 13, 17 of the current MPs from the minority side will not be returning to the house in 2025. Some of the notable names include ABA Fuseni, MP for Sagnarigu, Edward Bawa, MP for Bongo and former Minister of Power, Kwabena Donkor who is MP for Pru East.

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