Help Miss Dephine win her battle against End-Stage Kidney Disease

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Life is sometimes unpredictable and takes you on when you least expect it. That is the situation of a young student nurse Miss Dephine Kafela Baduweh who is diagnosed with End-Stage Kidney Disease. Miss Baduweh is currently battling to save her own life having earlier committed her life to training and becoming a nurse to save the lives of others.

She is passionate about her dream to save lives but must be alive to fulfil that dream of serving humanity. Miss Kafela has been diagnosed with End-Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) also known as End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

Currently, Miss Baduweh is admitted to the Renal Unit of the Tamale Teaching Hospital hoping to begin her treatment. Her treatment includes three Haemodialysis sessions each week with each session costing GHS400 (GHS1,200 a week). Also, she needs to undergo kidney transplantation, a treatment which has to be done outside Ghana at a cost between $35,000 and $45,000.

Miss Baduweh was studying at the Zuarungu Nursing Training College training as a nurse. But her recent health issue has temporarily brought that to a stop. Regardless, her passion to dedicate her life and time to saving others is not gone. But first, we need to help her save her life.

Due to the high cost of treatment, Miss Baduweh and her family are appealing for support. Help Miss Baduweh save her life so she can complete her studies and also save the lives of others. Find below the letter from Tamale Teaching Hospital and the account details to send your support. Your donations, prayers and any other support are highly appreciated.



Madam Dephine Kafela Baduweh was recently diagnosed with End Stage Kidney Disease and yet to start haemodialysis at the Renal Unit of Tamale Teaching Hospital Haemodialysis is expensive, currently costing Four Hundred Ghana Cedis (GHC400) per session, and she needs to do three sessions per week amounting to Thousand Two Hundred Ghana Cedis (GHC1200.00). In addition, Madam Kafela needs to buy medications and medical consumables for her treatment.

The ultimate treatment of Madam Kafela’s condition is kidney transplantation, which can only be done outside Ghana at an estimated cost of about Thirty-five Thousand United States Dollars to Forty-five Thousand United States Dollars($35,000 to $45,000). Unfortunately, Madam Kafela and her family do not have the means to fund her treatment; hence, she has decided to seek assistance. Any assistance to Kafela and her family towards her treatment can be paid into the following bank account number:

Baduweh Honorine Dwevia
903 2000 130 623 301

Baduweh Honorine Dwevia
055 407 0771

Dr. Aliyu D, U Medical Officer
Tel 0241756767

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