Mia Khalifa fired for defending Palestine in Hamas-Israel war

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Former adult actress Mia Khalifa has faced huge backlash from social media users after she spoke up for Palestine in the ongoing Hamas-Israel war that has claimed thousands of lives. Mia Khalifa insinuated in a tweet that the bombing of Palestine by Israel is not right since Hamas is not the official army of the Palestinian people.

Born and raised in Lebanon until her family moved to the United States in 2001, the former pornographic film actress described Hamas as an extremist group which does not have the authority of the Palestinian people to act. Per her statement, the declaration of war on Palestine by Israel is not in the right direction.

“Hamas is not Palestine’s army; their actions do not represent the Palestinian people. Hamas was formed in 1987, two decades after the occupation began, as a response to ethnic cleansing and apartheid. They are an extremist group that calls upon other extremist groups, which similarly do not reflect the broader populace,” Mia tweeted.

Following the tweet, Mia received public backlash from her followers majority of whom said they would unfollow her while some described her comments as insensitive especially after she said the people recording the videos in Gaza should flip their phones and record the videos horizontally.

“Can someone please tell the freedom fighters in Palestine to flip their phones and film horizontal,” Mia Khalifa tweeted.

Soon after the comments, Red Light Holland, a Canadian mushroom production company to which she worked in an advisory role fired her immediately in a tweeted response to her tweet.

“This is such a horrendous tweet @miakhalifa. Consider yourself fired effective immediately. Simply disgusting. Beyond disgusting. Please evolve and become a better human being. The fact you are condoning death, rape, beatings and hostage-taking is truly gross.

“No words can explain your ignorance. We need humans to come together, especially in the face of tragedy. I pray for you to become a better person. However, it clearly seems like it’s too late for you,” Todd Shapiro, CEO and Co-Founder of Red Light Holland tweeted.

In response to her dismissal, the 30-year-old former webcam model stated that she just wants to support the side suffering from oppression and apartheid. She also referenced her Lebanese background and said no one should expect her to be on the side of colonialists.

“I just wanna make sure there’s 4k footage of my people breaking down the walls of the open air prison they’ve been forced out of their homes and into so we have good options for the history books that write about how they freed themselves from apartheid. Please worry about your sad little company lacking direction and purpose before you utter my name again.

“I stand with all people fighting oppression, now and always, do your research before begging for my investment in your little project, I’m from LEBANON, are you insane for expecting me to be on the side of colonialism you fucking weirdo.”

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