Kidi: you all made me feel incredibly loved

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Musician Kidi has announced his return while thanking his fans for their prayers and support during his troubling moments. Kidi decided to cancel his tours a couple of months ago “to take care” of his health.

During that period, the musician stayed away from social media. Despite his absence from all social media platforms, messages of love and well wishes were outpouring. And he has now expressed his gratitude on his return to social media.

He said he is now back to continue doing music and performing for his fans. He also took the opportunity to trash claims of people who said negative things about his absence which he said got many fans worried. There were claims that the “Touch It” singer was suffering a stroke. However, he said the claims were all false though he is not in the position to go deep about what the real situation was.

“A little under two months ago, I made the painful decision of cancelling my tour to take care of my health that included taking time off social media. In that time, I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from family, friends, fans and the brands I work with. You all made me feel incredibly loved in this difficult period and I can’t appreciate you enough.

“Unfortunately, a few bad actors took this as an opportunity to spread false stories that got a lot of you very concerned. While I do not want to give it any more attention, I want to categorically address that those stories were false.

“I am glad to be back to doing what I love most; creating music and performing for you. Thanks for sticking it out with me. Love, KiDi,” he concluded.

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