Let him go if he didn’t get you iPhone 14 promax for Valentine-Sister Deborah

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Ghanaian singer Sister Deborah has advised ladies to leave their boyfriends who failed to get them gifts on Valentine Day. She said such a man is not worth keeping and belongs to the trash can.

According to the “Kakalika Love” crooner, Valentine is love and if your man did not get you anything to celebrate the day it means there is no love and you should let go.

Born Deborah Owusu-Bonsu, the African Mermaid took to the video sharing platform, TikTok to offer the extreme advise which as got many people reacting.

“Ladies, fact! if there is any man running or cunning you right now and he didn’t get you anything for Val’s Day, no roses, no iPhone 14 Promax, no jewellery. Even if he is just conning you now or you guys are in the talking stage and he didn’t get you nothing, girl, he’s got to go,” she stated in the video.

Many users reacted to the video with varied opinions. One user by name Jasmine supported Sister Derby. She said, “Look it’s a fact. If he cannot even buy you a simple bar of chocolate in future never expect anything,” and Sister Derby replied, “Exactly even chocolate”.

One guy by name raymondgyamfi decided to educate her by saying, “Vals day is not women’s day pls” but Sister Derby rebutted, “I said the men courting / conning / ronnin women dumb dumb”.

Another lady came in and tried to advise that ladies should give guys time when she said “He doesn’t have anything now but he will definitely find some very soon” but Sister Derby seems to have passed that street before and she rebutted, “The false promisers” with laughing emojis.

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