Ghana Month: Joy FM to play 99.7% Ghanaian music

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One of Ghana’s leading radio stations Joy FM has dedicated to playing as much as 99.7 per cent of Ghanaian music on their frequency during the Ghana month. The move is part of the station’s drive to promote Ghanaian cultural heritage.

According to Edem Knight-Tay, Station Manager of Joy 99.7 FM, the station has lined up a series of activities to mark to celebrate the month. Some of the activities that the station will do include organizing tours and adventures to some interesting Ghanaian places.

“We will pitch camp somewhere serene on top of the Aburi mountain, experience the adventure of tent accommodation, sit by the fireside and relive those typical Ghanaian moments with Ananse stories, jungle party with BBQ, Jama night, movie night, a visit to the Asenema Waterfalls and Awukugwa, among other historic places,” Edem Knight-Tay.

Brief about Ghana month

Ghana month, celebrated in March in line with the month in which the country gained its independence from British colonial rule in 1957 has picked up steam in recent years. Championed by media houses, the month of March has been dedicated to promoting Ghanaian cultural heritage, patronizing Ghanaian products and reconnecting with Ghanaian traditions.

The decision by Joy FM to dedicate the Ghana month period to play solely Ghanaian music will come as a huge part in the back for members of the music industry. Ahead of the peak December festive season, top Ghanaian musicians including legendary dancehall musician Samini joined the Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry to launch #PlayGhana.

According to organizers, the idea was to help promote Ghanaian music during the festive December period where music is always one of the top consumed contents.

Samini (front) with Black Sherif, Reggie Rockstone and others at the #playGhana press conference in Accra in December

Samini who spoke at the Creative Arts Agency’s co-organized event said “We have always been advocating the fact that we need to hear more of our music when we are in our own territory. Because that’s what we see when we go to other territories. If you go to Kenya, for instance, you hear strictly East African music. Yes, of course, we have the Nigerian invasion, which is inevitable, which is not the competition here.”

“That’s not the complaint here. That’s not the target here. What we are talking about is that, especially for the fact that we have Beyond the Return, which has become like an asset to Ghana, should anybody travel here and listen to 70% foreign music and 30% Ghanaian music, then what music have we sold to those who returned?” Samini remarked.

Black Sherif who joined Smallgod and hiplife legend Reggie Rockstone at the event added his voice to the call saying music by Ghanaian musicians is “our music and our culture”.

“You know, this is not a blame game. We are not blaming DJs. We are not blaming artists. We are not blaming consumers. It’s a step in the right direction for us all, our music and our culture. So play Ghana. Blessings,” Black Sherif.

Meanwhile, the Director of Creative Agency and daughter of President Akufo-Addo Gyankroma Akufo-Addo the laws currently governing culture and broadcasting in the country need to be amended to accommodate changes that favour more Ghanaian content.

She said, “…the Cultural Policy and the Broadcasting Bill must be amended and enforced. Our Nigerian cousins have implemented 70% local content law, within music, film and broadcasting, Ghana must do the same.”

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