Kubolor tells Ghana Armed Forces why going Niger is an error

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Musician Wanlov the Kubolor has in a simple message advised the Ghana Armed Forces to desist from contributing men to an ECOWAS mission in Niger. The region’s military chiefs agreed on a “D-Day” on Friday, August 18, on when to deploy men to restore the presidency of the ousted leader of Niger, President Bazuom.

Several people in the region and across the globe have warned of the dire consequences of military intervention in Niger. Niger’s coup leaders have also warned that it will not be a “walk in the park” as people think it will be with an ECOWAS intervention.

Adding his voice to the conversation, Kubolor shared reasons why the Ghana Military should not be involved in what he calls Africans fighting themselves for Emmanuel Macron.

“Chale what’s up? I get message give the Ghana Army. Hope say you guys dey cool? I dey beg you guys waaa. Make you no risk your lives to fight other fellow black people for Niger, because you dey go fight give Macron[France President]. You guys dey go fight give while people then what white people them need from Niger. The fact say the government of Niger be corrupt say they dey give dema resources all to Europe wey they dey chop dema part wey the make the people for Niger vex wey them threw that president[ex-president] from there.

“What you dey go now say you dey go carry corrupt person come puttam back in charge. So everybody for Niger no go dey welcome you guys. Everybody dey against that President so this no be small thing you guys dey enter. And at the same time you dey risk your lives, and at the same time you dey go meet fellow Ghanaians, fellow Nigerians, fellow Africans to fight them to put in a puppet wey belong belong to Europe wey dey do Europe dema work for them,” he said in the video posted on Instagram.

Also, Kubolor added that Nigeriens were able to get rid of their version of Ghana’s President Akufo-Addo without blood so no one should go to disturb them.

“Message to Ghana army. Niger got rid of their akufu addo without a single life lost and now you are going there to put their main problem back in power for France and America against the will of the people of Niger to keep exploiting them anyhow. Don’t risk your life or kill your own people for these corrupt people oh! I dey beg. vim.

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